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Chapter 1

Hellboy, HP, LotR, Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy

by: Korvi
I have OC's ready or almost ready for all of these.

My crushes
Hellboy: Abe, or if you really, really have to have Abe I can go with HB or Nuada.
Harry Potter: Very flexible here
LotR: Legolas, Aragorn (idea on him), Gimli
Hobbit: Very flexible
Guardians: Rocket

Rules are very simple

I have few limits, so lemons, swearing, fighting are all fine. We can discuss this more in detail when we chat.

Length: I type 6-10 lines per side of the rp. Please no one liners and please no multi-paragraph, ok?

I am dyslexic, so typos will happen on my side. I use spell check and do my best, that is all I ask of you. I am not a grammar nazi or whatever, but no text talk either unless they are texting.

No hogging the spotlight. I know, I have accidentally done it myself, I won't yell at you if it happens, but we can both try to keep it even right?

That is basically all I got for rules.

Two last things:
I am a fan of established character relationships, so oc and crush already dating is perfectly fine by me.

Last, I rp over email, so you can email me at

Just put what you want to do in the subject. I also rp a lot of other stuff so if you don't want to do any of these, check out my other lists or just ask if I know something, k?


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