SPAM! Me confessing something

Chapter 1


Ok, I feel like a fake. As soon as I stop talking to my friends, I feel kind of empty. In, like, a way that makes me feel like I'm lying. Ok, yeah, sometimes I do pretend to be happy when I'm not, but I feel like I've been doing it a lot lately. I love talking to my friends, but when I'm alone, I don't try to talk to a lot of people, or try to act upbeat and happy. I just kinda sit there, and read/draw. I feel as though I'm building a mask around myself. I get so surprised when one of my friends act worried about me, cause that's what I do to all my friends, and I guess I thought they didn't notice me most of the time. WHEW I feel so much better. Ok, time to go back to browsing the internets.



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