Frozen Heart

Well first of all, this didn't really come out as I expected it to. Second of all, this is in a child's point of view... and it was hard for me to do that since I don't really remember how I saw things at age 5. Also, this is not something that really happened... to me, that is.

I don't think I'll continue this story...

Chapter 1

Frozen Heart

by: liberosis

It's mommy's birthday today! I quickly scrambled out of bed on my tiny chubby legs. I slipped my little feet in my teddy bear slippers and walked to my door. I opened the door quietly and peeked out. Everything was silent. Mommy must still be asleep.

I giggled and covered my mouth with my little hands. I will make mommy's breakfast today!

I tip-toed to the stairs and hopped my way down, giggling on my way.

I stepped into the kitchen and made my way to my chair. I sat down and rested my chubby elbows on the table and tapped my little finger against my chin. What would mommy like for breakfast?

I stood up on my chair and jumped off. I went to the fridge and opened the door. I shivered at the cold and reach up for the carton of milk. Mommy loves milk! I grab the carton and hug with both my arms and shiver. I walked over to the table lifted up the carton of milk and put it on the table.

What else would mommy like? Cookies! Mommy and I always make cookies! On snowy days we always sit and read a book together on the couch eating warm, freshly baked cookies.

I grabbed a stool and dragged it as quietly as I could. I got on and reached up to open the cupboard. I grab the jar of cookies and place it on the counter. I freeze when the jar clatters on the counter and I stay silent to listen if mommy woke up and watched the kitchen entryway to see if she came in.

No one came.

I hopped off the stool and reached up for the jar of cookies. I walked over to the table and put the cookie jar on the table.

I look around the kitchen. Hmm... cereal!

I move the stool again and clamber up. I find a box of cereal and climb back down, taking the box with me. I find a small blue bowl and a plate and put them on the table. I climb onto my chair and put mommy's bowl in front of me. I grab the milk carton, open it, and grab it with both of my hands. Milk spills on the table and splatters onto me.

"Eww!" I giggle and pour some milk in the bowl.

I open the box of cereal and pour some into the bowl. Some of the cereal falls to the ground.

Finally, I open the jar of cookies and put two cookies on the plate. One for mommy and one for me.

"There!" I whisper to myself, clapping hands.

I tip-toe back upstairs and go to mommy's room. I reach up and open the door quietly.

I look around the room. Mommy is still sleeping. Daddy is gone. Daddy is never here. When he is, mommy tells me to go to my room. I remember I saw mommy crying once and daddy leaving. I remember I asked about a purple mark she had on her cheek. She had wiped her tears away and said she fell but that everything was okay...

I giggle and tip-toe to mommy's bed and climb up. I shake mommy's shoulder. She doesn't move.

"Mommy." I whisper and shake her shoulder again.

She still doesn't move.

"Mommy." I whine. "Wake up."

I touch mommy's cheek and gasp. Why is mommy so cold? I see something purple on her neck. I pull mommy's blanket down a little. There are two purple marks on each side of mommy's neck. More to the back there are four more marks on each side. They look like fingers.

I put my little hands on both side of mommy's neck and then move my hands away. What are those marks? Why does mommy have them?

I move away and climb off the bed. I open mommy's closet and pull out a blanket from a drawer. I climb back up on the bed and put the blanket on mommy. I lift up the covers and snuggle in with mommy. I rest my head on her arm and put my hand on her cheek.

"Wake up, mommy." I whisper.

A small tear slips down my cheek.

"Happy birthday, mommy."


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