ABC Repost

Next time won't you sing with me

Chapter 1


A-available: Nooo
B-birthday: October 25th
C-crushing on: No one
D-drink you last had: Just water
E-easiest person to talk to: Friends
G-gummy bears or gummy worms: Neither, I don't enjoy candy.
H-hometown: Not telling.
I-in love with someone: Yush
K-killed someone: Hehehe >:)
L-longest car ride: A week
M-milkshake flavor: Raspberry
N-number of siblings: 3 -.-'
O-one wish: To meet someone special
P-person that called you last: My ex boyfriend T.T
R-reason to smile: I have a better boyfriend now, music.
S-song you last sung: Um.. can't sing
T-time you woke up: 8am
U-underwear colour: Eeeerrrrrrrmmmmmm black....
V-vegetable: Lettuce
W-worst habit: I bite my fingers and crack my knuckles
X-x rays you have had: One on my right knee
Y-years living where you live: 6 and a half
Z-zodiac sign: Scorpio

Random questions:
Spell your names without vowels: Scrlt
What color do you wear the most: Black and White
Least favorite colour: Yellow
What are you listening to: Nothing at the moment
What’s your favorite class in school: Art and Music
When do you start back at school: Monday January 5th
Are you out going out with someone: Yes :3
Favorite pair of shoes: Converse
Can you dance: Heck naw
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: O.O Who can?
Can you whistle: Yeah kind of
Cross your eyes: Yes
Walk with your toes curled: What? No.

Do you believe in life on other planets: Yes
Do you believe in miracles: I'm not sure
Do you believe in magic: OF COURSE
Love at first sight: Not really
Do you believe in Santa: Nah
Do you like rollercoasters: YESSS
Have you ever been on a plane: Yep
Have you ever asked someone out: Yyyeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh......
Have you ever been asked out by someone: Mhm....
Have you ever been to the ocean: Yes
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: Nope
Temperature outside: I don't know
Radio station you listen to: None
Last thing you bought: A necklace
Last TV show you watched: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Who was the last person you took a picture of: No one.
Ever cried your heart out: sighs Yeah....
Ever cried on a friends shoulder: Yup
Cried over the opposite gender: Don't remind me T.T
Cry when you get an injury: When I broke my nose..
Do songs make you cry: Sometimes
Are you a happy person: Not really...
Current hair colour: Brown
What are you wearing: Skinny jeans and a black top.
Eye colour: looks in a mirror Gold-brown at the moment. They sometimes change colour.
Short or long hair: Mid-length
Height: 5ft (154cm) I won't grow anymore.


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