~Lyrics Of The Day~

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: Helena Beat ~ Foster The People
Chapter 3: Bad Blood ~ Taylor Swift
Chapter 4: Cruel ~ St. Vincent
Chapter 5: White And Nerdy ~ Weird Al Yankovic
Chapter 6: Taylor Swift ~ Story Of Us

Chapter 1


Hiya! Sorry for the crappy title, I will most likely change it soon. Quibblo has been dying out lately and I haven't made a post for a long time. This is a place to post a line or two from a song and put it on here. Some of these songs you might not know and you probably won't know a few. I'm just trying to post lyrics as much as I can (hopefully ever day) and share it with the Quibblo community! If you want to share a song lyric, DM me one and I'll share it! I will be posting lyrics from all genres and artists. The Table Of Contents will be updated up above. Please comment, rate, and DM me lyrics!

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