Okay Guys, We Need Your Help!

Read this, please!!!

Chapter 1

Hello again!

Hey, all you Quibblonians!
This is MrsHarrison1965 and timelord101 here. We need your help.
We've just finished our last Doctor Who/Beatles fanfiction and are eager to start a sequel. We've got the plot, and want your opinion...

We start from where the last story left off. Paul McCartney and Jack Harkness have just been touched by Weeping Angels, and have been whizzed back in time. They wake up not knowing where they are. Paul is desperate to get back and Jack is worried. The Doctor (along with the other Beatles and the beautiful Rose Tyler) become aware of their absence and go off in search of them. They will no doubt encounter other adventures and dangers in this story.
Special guests include Weeping Angels and (maybe) the Master.

Well, readers, here's what we want you to do. Take the following poll and help us pick a title for our new story. We'd really appreciate it!

See you cats later! :D
Lacey (MrsHarrison1965) and Sarah (timelord101)


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