My Top Ten Kpop Groups

Top ten collection :3

Chapter 1

Kpop Groups

by: Sycamore
My Top Ten Kpop Bands:

10) B.A.P I love these guys, I really do, but I can't seem to get into the hype about them. Their style just does not appeal to me; never have been a huge fan of the aggressive hip-hop gotta-prove-I'm-manly style of Kpop, but the fact that they got into my top ten just shows that I do find them appealing regardless, and I admire their individual talents, especially along the rap and dance lines, and Daehyun's voice, despite him often using incorrect belting technique is just... *feeels*

9) Spica. Amazing vocal line. I have yet to get to know them better.

8) Secret. I love their energy and one of the few girl-groups whose aegyo I find genuinely charming.

7) Block B. One of, if not the most laid-back, easygoing groups I have ever seen. Their natural bummish personalities and talent for going bonkers in their music is their prime attraction.

6) Big Bang I have only ever heard three Big Bang songs, but that was enough for me to acknowledge and respect them as the amazing performers that they are. All five of them have such distinct personalities and are so much fun to watch on variety! Not one of them are mundane or unattractive and I acknowledge their huge contribution to the Hallyu Wave. My only regret is not being able to find their music and style more appealing.

5) 2ne1 and SNSD. Can not be left unmentioned. Both have contributed hugely to the success of the Hallyu Wave, and I have a deep respect for both groups. They both contain colorful and unique personalities, and while styles differ greatly, both in music, talent and performances, I simply /cannot/ rank one higher than the other.

4) Brown Eyed Girls and f(x). My own personal favorite girl groups ever! Brown Eyed Girls for their confidence and vocal prowess, and f(x) for their quirky and fun style of music and charming individuals. Another perk for me, is that no one in f(x) had plastic surgery, except Luna on her legs, and as a result each has a very distinct beauty, and can instantly be told apart from one another. (#SecretKpopStruggles :P)

3) EXO. Now this group had to grow on me, and it was hard due to the overhype, and their somewhat awkward TV image, but they have solid vocals, fantastic choreographys, and several talented members (Lay, for instance), not only well-skilled after years of training. Prime attraction to me was their diverse and solid vocal line.

2) VIXX. I admit, I'm just biased in their favor, but they are so different! Or they were at least before Error and Eternity (I do love both songs, btw). Just the sound and quality of their music and vocals in the past were so unique sounding, and the members themselves are the strangest combination of strong personalities I have ever seen in a boyband. Only the flower-boy image and choreography make them anything like other Kpop boybands I have seen to date (and I have seen plenty). They won my heart in MyDol, which showcased the members' struggles and competition to become idols.
1) Super Junior and DB5K. Nothing, and no one can ever outshine the Kings of the Hallyu Wave and the Gods of the East respectively. Only Big Bang rank as equals to what I esteem their legendary perfection. Onstage, in front of cameras, talent-wise, they are far superior to the boybands of today, especially back in their prime, when they enjoyed performing and interviews, and their dancing, singing, and variety talent was pure gold.

Special guest to the top ten: SHINee.
SHINee, despite not being my groove any longer, have done me the immense favor and honor of both introducing me to Kpop, and being the first group I fangirled over. Each of the members are especially skilled at several things (except Minho, poor fellow, but he carries a tune nicely enough on occasion), and have diverse, albeit overbearing, personalities; an additional plus.


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