Hey guys? can you read this please?

I'm curious

Chapter 1

So uh

So I only have like 1 message in my inbox.

Do you guys get my inbox or...?

Cause I reply when I see them or at the end of the day (my time) And I never get a message back besides like1-3 a day, maybe.

I'm a bit worried that they aren't coming through, like quibble spazzing like normal or...??

Cause I really love talking to all of you and RPing with all of you and I would like to continue doing so.

(But if you don't want to continue doing either with me, please tell me, and don't avoid it. I would rather have the truth then ignoring it. Please.)

But Yeah... I like to be on quibble to talk, rp, write short story things but it seems so lonely and not inviting anymore than when I first cam on here about 3 years ago.

But if you don't want to continue talking IF that is the case let me know please.

If you haven't gotten a message from me and it have been a day or too please go ahead a resend it.

(I feel bad when I resend messages, I don't want to seem annoying. Sorry)

But yeah..



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