Out of Town

Penny was neglected. Penny was beaten. Penny wants revenge.

Chapter 1


The war ended on the eighth. My sorrows are corroded by resounding joy. Father may not have come home, yet, but he shall. Mother told me that she received a letter from him but three weeks ago. She and I believe that he is safe and on his way home, now.

I tossed the diary aside after reading the first paragraph. It was my great great aunts. I already new everything in the story. Her dad didn't survive, she grew up, got married, and died. I reached further in to the box from where I took the diary and pulled out a picture of a woman with her husband- it was my great great aunt, again. I almost tossed it onto the diary but I noticed something. I looked closely and saw the little blur on the steps behind them. I grabbed a magnifying glass and looked closer than before. The blur had a foot kicked up behind it, a child's foot, without a shoe. A hand was on the bannister. A child's hand. I furrowed my brow. Grandmother Kate was the one who always told the stories. Never was a child mentioned in this one. I turned the paper over and read; 'Harriet and Thomas Skuabs June 20, 1956'. No mention of the child at all. Grandmother Kate was Harriet's sister. "She passed away eleven years ago, you can't go to her for an explanation," I told myself. In fact, that is how I even got the box. I rummaged through the box some more and found a key. Tied to the key, I found a piece of yarn and a label that said 'Penny's room' in black ink.

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