A Quibblonian Christmas Story

A group story written by Myself and HermionesEVILtwin featuring current Quibblonians (2014-early 2015) throwing a huge holiday party. All credit for poetry used in the following chapters go to their rightful owners, not us, being so that we only changed the wording.

Chapter 2

More Gryffindors

Andrea sat up, glancing slyly at the bed closest to hers. Lily's outline could just be seen in the darkness.

"Lily," she whispered. "Liiily."

The breathing changed. Andrea's smile widened.

"Oh, come on. Now you're just faking."

The figure on the bed cracked open an eye. "What do you want?" Hissed Lily. "It's almost midnight!"

"I can't sleep," Andrea whispered.

WIthout missing a beat, Lily replied "Get out of bed, and the blanket thing'll grab you."

A chill crept down Andrea's spine. So it had come to this. Doctor Who references. She held very, very still for as long as she could.

After five seconds, she lowered a foot to the ground. Then another. Shuffling with as much stealth as Andrea-ly possible, she hovered directly next to Lily's left ear.

"Weeping angels move fast in the dark," she said in her most ominous voice.

"Shut up," Lily moaned, whacking her on the forehead. "Do you even know how late I stayed up last night? Four in the morning. Or five."

"But I can't sleep. It's almost Christmas. Lilllly."

Lily sat up. "I'm serious. Not tonight."

Andrea pursed her lips. For a little while, she was perfectly quiet.

"Stop breathing in my ear," Lily said with a harder whack. "What do you even want to do?"

By now, Andrea had an answer. "Midnight snowball fight."

Lily went silent. "In the forbidden forest?"

Andrea's stomach did a flop. She was kind of terrified of the forbidden forest. But it was Christmas. Nothing could actually... hurt them or anything. Right?

"Yep. Right now. Or maybe we should just sleep for our Q.U.I.Z.es in the--"

Lily rolled her eyes. "Shut up, I'm going. Get your robes on."

"Maybe we should leave our pajamas on, in case someone catches us, we can pretend we were sleep walking--"

This time, Lily snorted. "Okay. You do that. We'll cast an anti-freeze charm on us."

"And an anti-boggart charm." Andrea jumped over her bed and reached into her wardrobe. "Don't turn on the lights -- I'm changing."

"No, I'm sure your pajamas will be just fine, out in the snow-- hey, how do you know it's snowing out there?"

Andrea whipped out her wand, aiming at Lily. It didn't have much impact, however, since they were in the dark. Sheepishly, she put it away.

"Uh, go downstairs and check?"

"Or look out the window."

"Or not look out the window."

"Or I jinx you and look out the window."

Lily stood up to look out the window, and Andrea grabbed her red blankets. "Eep! I'm in my underwear right now."

In a second they had both pulled their robes on. Lily couldn't keep up the i-need-sleep pretense anymore: she was wide awake, and itching to launch snowballs at everything within a ten-mile radius of the castle.

"Downstairs," Lily whispered.

"Allons-y!" Andrea shouted, pulling the hood of her robes over her head. After a pause, she whispered "Um. Oops. Whisper-voices."

"Oops is right. You stole my line!" Lily quipped. "Come on."

The knight of quibblo's portrait grudgingly swung open to let them out. "Gryffindors, left and right in the middle of the night. Why did I sign up for this?" He muttered.

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