A Quibblonian Christmas Story

A group story written by Myself and HermionesEVILtwin featuring current Quibblonians (2014-early 2015) throwing a huge holiday party. All credit for poetry used in the following chapters go to their rightful owners, not us, being so that we only changed the wording.

Chapter 3

Hufflepuff Christmas Fever

That very same night the Hufflepuff's housing led a similar affair, but without the sneaking out with enough fireworks and preserves to celebrate the Americans' Fourth of July, on the other hand, it was just as noisy.

Music blared from one of the wrapping tables by the fire place, at least eight different rolls of wrapping paper was set out, paired with 16 rolls of tape, three rulers, 29 bows and ribbons, and 6 pairs of scissors. Redish-orange fire crackled from the hickory wood, not to mention, maybe just a little bit of writer's magic...

Hope(Hope32) sat at one end of the table looking like she had gotten into a fight with one of the rolls of tape, and the tape had won. Next to her stood a pile of multi-wrapped presents stacked high like a very tall building,

" Hehehehehehe...... " Hope giggled madly, looking back at the other two at the table, " I could so be in District seven right now. "

Angel(angel52) looked up from carefully folding one of the present's corners, " That's cool! " then pulling back her brown hair and returned to folding.

Meanwhile Lexi(books) rolled her green eyes, " Your such a peeta work... " with a thick Australian accent, " I think Arrow could use some help in the kitchen, ya mind? "

Hope's eyes lit up and she sprinted out of the room singing " I throw my bread in the air sometimes, sayin' AYYOOO, let's go fight Cato... ". The Ranch style wooden doors slammed shut once again, then there was silence, for about half a second.

Call(PhoenixSong114) shot down the stairway uttering a snort-scream hybrid as the sled began to slip out from underneath her. Speed picked up, her knuckles turned white trying to hold onto the sled going past the last curve of the stairs. She let go just past the last step almost floating in the air before belly-flopping into the snow covering the common room carpet.

A cry of triumph exploded from the top of the stairs and the bases of two ski poles rose in the air.

Thump. Thump. Thump

The staircase echoed just a bit when each edge of the stairs was hit with Amelia(areadinggirl0)'s skiis, " LOOK OUT BELOW!!!! " She screamed hopping from the steps over the railing and going directly for wall, the painting of Quibblo himself suddenly came to life and ran out of the frame.

Two ski poles clattered to the wood floor.

Those that had closed their eyes looked up to see Amelia frozen in the air a foot from hitting the wall and Lexi's pen was pointed directly at her, a little sparkle of writer's magic dribbled onto the floor, she swore

" My pen needs fixed again... can't wait for our next trip to the village, i finally have enough money to actually fix it..." Placing her pen back on the table she looked around to the other's, " Might want to use some more of that snow charm too, just to make it a soft landing..."

Quibblo peered back in from the side of the frame, " 5 points to Hufflepuff... " then froze once more in his painted position.

Amber(volleyballgirl527) opened her dorm door with her curly brown hair lopsided on top of her head, " Did i miss something? " She then looked around the room and stared at the frozen Amelia in the air as snow once again started falling from the roof.

" Nevermind. You guys do know that we have our Q.U.I.Z.'s coming up soon? You'll need all the rest you can get. "

Arrow( LifeBurry223300 ) burst out of the kitchen stirring a huge bowl of cookie dough furiously, " But Amber! There's no fun in sleeping, and there's certainly no fun in not celebrating the holiday season! "

Amber looked around the room once more and smiled just enough to please the others, " I guess your right... if we fail we fail together... '

Lexi gazed around the black and yellow room at all the quotes engraved into the wall, suddenly a thought hit her,

" Anyone seen Bea(DZLP)?"

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