A Quibblonian Christmas Story

A group story written by Myself and HermionesEVILtwin featuring current Quibblonians (2014-early 2015) throwing a huge holiday party. All credit for poetry used in the following chapters go to their rightful owners, not us, being so that we only changed the wording.

Chapter 4

Slytherins Scheming

The commonroom glowed with dim green light, emanating from low-set lanterns and the flash of floo-powder in the fireplace. A girl with short, dark hair and a wide smile named Emily (A_Small_Drop) emerged from the fireplace.

"I've just been to the Gryffindor commonroom," she announced.

"What?" said Kat (animegirl13), glancing up from her textbook. She had dirty blonde hair and braces on her bottom teeth.

Everyone in their group of friends knew how to get into the other three commonrooms - they'd figured it out last year, when a couple of ravenclaws kept checking out a book they needed for Potions class. It was an ambitious task, but they'd managed. They were Slytherins, after all.

"I went to the Gryffindor common-room, got a look at their Christmas game. It was ON. Snowflake paper-chains everywhere. But the point is, I saw someone sneaking out."

Emily went over to Kat's armchair and crossed her arms. "So, are you just going to read, or are we going to--"

"Just a minute, I'm revising for that stupid history of magic test next week. Y'know, goblin rebellions."

"Ok, just hurry up. This could be our chance to catch Olivia (epicsnicker) in the act. I'm gonna get my coat on." Emily headed for the girls' dormitory.

Olivia was slightly infamous for her mischief-making shenanigans. The best part about it was how no-one could ever prove she was behind what she did. Catching her in the act would mean two things: a pile of Gryffindor house-points lost, potentially getting Gryffindor out of the lead, and/or finding out how Olivia got away with so many pranks in the middle of the night.

As Emily reached her dorm room, something went flying at her. The girl jumped backwards, whipping her wand out from her robes. After a few seconds silence, she thought she could hear snickering...

"Lumos," Emily whispered. She narrowed her eyes. "Nera! What the heck!"

Nera (Nera78) was sitting on her bed, a grin spreading across her face. "I got bored," she said simply.

"What did you even do?"

"Some hex. I found it in that one book you got for my birthday."

Emily shrugged, aiming her wand at the coat draped over her pillow. "Accio... coat!"

It jumped weakly into the air, and stayed there, hovering. Emily pocketed her wand and walked over to the coat, tugging it out of the air forcefuly. "Well, at least you got a laugh out of it," she commented.

Nera frowned. "It's not my fault Christmas happens, like, every single year. What's even the point? Spending all your money on gifts? We already have birthdays for that."

"Yeah, well I happen to like Christmas." Emily tossed Nera's coat to her. "Wanna come? We're busting Olivia."

Nera pursed her lips. She looked tired, but intrigued. Her waist-length brown hair was tangled, and when she spoke, the words were articulated in a perfect British accent.

"Will we pass by the kitchens?"

At Emily's hardening face, Nera stood up, pulling on her coat. "Come on, we need snacks for the party! We need, like, ten tons of chocolate frogs."

"Nera, I don't think--"

"There's a hazelnut-chocolate frog, Emily. Like your muggle Nutella. Nutella chocolate frogs. Think about it."

Kat appeared in the doorway, and threw her textbook across the room, somehow getting it to land on her bed. "I vote yes to anything Nutella, seriously. But time's getting away from us. Come if you're coming, or we'll never catch those Gryffindors out at night. Food later. We've still got... what, seven hours until sunrise?"

She declined to wear a coat. "I know a chameleon spell," she said as they left the commonroom, stepping carefully and quietly, but still walking fast. "It takes a month to make, though. And it can only be done in spring."

"That's great," Nera whispered, "But I think I hear someone coming, so shut up."

The threesome went instantly silent, listening. Several pairs of feet went by, after a moment.

"That must be them," Emily whispered, once they were far enough away, stepping in the direction the people who'd passed by went and waving for the other two to follow.
The dark corridor made everything seem louder. Emily half-expected a ghost to come floating by at any moment. Or peeves. But no one came.
Twas the night before christmas, when all through the corridors, she thought to herself as they followed from a distance, not a creature was stirring, except for the gryffindors.

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