Wishful Thinking

A poem about the luck I've had with friends on Quibblo. They get to know me a little, come to expect me to love everything they say and do, and other than that leave them alone. One word replies to conversations, and the replies are once a month... It's amazing that I've not deleted already.

Chapter 1

Wishful Thinking

I look with discreet jealousy
At you and your friends
Because when I come around
I'm just tying off loose ends.

I try to get to know you
Eventually you disappear
Don't you think to notice
How cold it is back here?

You only want to know me
If you can sit at the top
You want my praise and comments
But as a person i'm forgot...

You're not interested in me
Outside of this little place
I'd go to Hell and back for you
This "friendship" is a disgrace!


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