Ariana Flores

If you ever get down, read this- I hope it will help you feel empowered!

Chapter 1

This is life

Arianna Flores was born prematurely because her mothers' teenaged, drug addicted body could not sustain her. She, then, went to live with her grandmother in east Harlem. Her grandmother died when she was eleven, so she was put in foster care. She could not cope with the loss on her own so she began abusing her antidepressants and her OCD medication. Her first foster mom was verbally abusive and was constantly calling her fat. She became anorexic. She ended up spending more time in the hospital for overdose treatment and suicide attempts than in her foster home. At age fifteen, she became pregnant with a boy who she named Zane. Zane was allowed to live with her but they had to switch foster homes- again. When Arianna turned 18, she was released from foster care, but her son was not. The foster release system paid for her to go to rehab, where she stopped abusing her pills and began to eat a little more. She got a job working at a gas station, filling tanks. Her son was released to her a year after she sustained wellness and she got another job as a waitress. She, three years later, got hooked on cocaine and Zane was taken from her. She quickly went back to rehab and got her son back after a year. She, the year after, was promoted to manager at the restaurant where she worked. Five years later, the owner passed away and left the restaurant to her. She bought a house in the countryside and expanded the business. She now owns fourteen restaurants across the state of New York and four in New Jersey. Zane is currently in college.

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