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Chapter 1

Rules & Stuff

by: _Deleted_
Alright, so before I go on to my Roleplay list, I'm going to give some rules and other such important things. *PLEASE* read this and be sure you understand it before sending me a roleplay request. If any of these rules might be a problem, please tell me. HOWEVER, if I do not agree to change it, PLEASE don't bug me... that will result in you getting blocked.

1) First and foremost, you simply must have proper grammar and spelling. If this is an issue, like English is not your first language or you have some other issue that might inhibit you from having proper grammar and spelling, DO tell me! I'm not so mean as to reject your request because of an honest reason!

2) I WILL ONLY ROLEPLAY IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT! I can't stand script... it hinders my writing ability and just looks sloppy.

3) NO MARY-SUES. If I detect your OC is a Mary-Sue, I will bring it up and you will be asked to modify your character. Failure to comply will result in your request being denied.

4) KEEP EACH SIDE FAIR! If you write a paragraph for your side of the RP and two lines for mine, I won't be pleased.

5) NO ONE- AND TWO-LINERS! This drives me absolutely crazy. I request that you reply with a minimum of one paragraph (that's at least five sentences) in every reply. HOWEVER I understand if you get into a rush and cannot do so. I will let it slide without explanation a couple of times but after that I will ask you why you are being so short... if there's an honest answer, I'll of course excuse it.

6) IF YOU DO NOT REPLY IN THREE DAYS and I see that you have been logged on, I will resend the message and wait another three days. If I feel you're ignoring me, seriously don't ever ask to roleplay with me again... this is a big pet peeve to me.


8) AS FAR AS PLOT FOR THE RP GOES I have always just sort of "gone with the flow" but if you have a specific idea, please feel free to share it with me!

9) I WILL ROLEPLAY either here on Quibblo or via e-mail, though e-mail is preferred.

10) LEMONS DON'T BOTHER ME... but I definitely don't like making that the sole focus. I WILL NOT BE DOING LEMONS IF YOU ARE UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE! This also requires that you are mature about it, as well. Like, seriously...

11) DON'T BE PUSHY. This mostly means that if I don't want to do something, I'm not going to do that and that's that!

12) I'M SORRY I DON'T DO YAOI OR YURI. I'm not against it or anything, its just I'm not experienced and the couple times it has come up in an RP its failed miserably.

13) DON'T BE OOC! This stands for "out of character." In other words, try and be as true to the character's personalities as possible. This usually isn't an issue, but if you don't fully know the fandom's characters its proabably best you avoid roleplaying it.


Alright, thanks for reading! Next is what you've all been waiting for....


My roleplay list! :D :D

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