Chocolate Icecream

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Sam's sister walked ahead of him to the bus stop. Her red hair was pulled into a high ponytail, and she pulled her jacket tighter around her waist. Sam started to zip up his coat. The wind hit them hard as they waited at the end of the sidewalk. His sister didn't dare glance at him. They hadn't spoken to each other since the accident. He blamed her; and likewise, she blamed him.

It was neither of their faults. But maybe if they hadn't been fighting in the backseat about who got the iPad, then their parents wouldn't have gotten so distracted. Their dad didn't even speak to them anymore. He only spoke to them when he needed to. Like when he told them that they were moving.

Sam knew it was bound to happen, them moving. His dad had been traumatized since the accident, and whenever he looked at the house, he would start to sob. They sold the car after they got out of the hospital. At least it felt like they sold it. Sam's older brother Mike had it now. He was out of college, living in Wyoming with his wife and child. Mike had his life together. Sometimes Sam missed his brother. He could always keep the peace. Although his family didn't fight as much anymore. They just refused to talk to each other.

The bus screeched to a stop in front of Sam and his sister. Sam walked to the back of the bus and peered at the other students' heads. There was an empty seat in the way back, and he took it. His sister sat near the front, and she was eventually talking to people. Sam just put his earbuds on and closed his eyes. He almost wished when he opened them again, he'd be somewhere else.


Annie always chose the fourth seat on the bus. It was quiet, but not too quiet. And no one talked to her there. The back of the bus was hectic and there were always people trying to start a conversation with her. Not in the fourth seat. The other girls that sat near there talked among themselves, but not to her. It was perfect.

Today was different. When Annie walked onto the bus, there was a red-haired girl sitting in her seat. She was chit-chatting with the other girls. Her voice was high-pitched and peppy. Annie rolled her eyes at the annoying girl. She looked like a freshman. A freshman who took her spot. Annie was one of the last bus stops, so most of the seats were taken by now. She spotted an empty seat in the back and walked to it. She saw a flash of red as she sat down. The same red as the freshman girl.

When the bus stopped in front of the school, Annie was one of the last to get up. She looked behind her at the other seat. The flash of red she had seen was a boy. His eyes were closed and he had black earbuds in. She looked around slowly, checking for anyone else on the bus. The freshman was looking worriedly at his seat. She opened her mouth to speak, then shut it and got out of the bus.

Annie shook the boy's shoulder, "Hey, wake up. Wake up!"

He opened his eyes groggily and when he saw her his eyes widened, "Shlt, shlt, shlt," he said as he grabbed his bag and started to get up.

Annie rolled her eyes and walked away, "You're welcome!" She called as she stepped out of the bus.


He almost called back 'thanks' as she left, but he was too overwhelmed to form a sentence. It was a perfect way to start out his day. A hot girl waking him up from a nap on the bus. The school bus, at that. She even seemed his age. But maybe she wasn't. If she wasn't then he might be okay. Might.

Sam ran to the school doors and yanked them open. He stopped at the office and got his locker number, then made his way to it. He pulled out his printed schedule and started to look for his first class: English. He used to love english class. Reading was something Sam used to like doing. Now it was hard to read anything at all. The last thing he had read was the section in the newspaper where it said his mother had died. And now he didn't read.

He walked through the door and found a seat in the back quickly. He didn't realize who he was next to until it was too late. He glanced at the girl's chocolate brown hair and winced. What had he done?


The boy sat next to her in English class. And he was late, too. Weren't you supposed to be early on your first day? He had about a thousand freckles everywhere on his body. His face was pale and his hair was red, red, red. Annie could've seen him from a mile away.

Annie hoped he wasn't following her or something. She did not want a boy like him following her. Not a boy who's sister was as annoying as she was. Not a boy who's sister steals bus seats. They must be similar to each other. Maybe he was a seat thief too. Maybe tomorrow he would steal Annie's new seat. Maybe tomorrow he wouldn't fall asleep on the bus.

Annie was too kind for her own good. She could've left the boy there. The bus driver would've yelled at him and told him how embarrassing to society he was. Or the bus driver would forget to check the seats, and busboy would be left on the bus until school got out. Missing your first day was even worse than being late.


When the bell rang, Sam tempted himself into saying thanks to the girl. She took her time leaving, which meant good things for Sam. "Uh, hey, thanks for waking me up on the--"

"Oh my god you idiot. Don't mention yourself falling asleep," Her voice dropped down to a whisper, "on the bus out loud. Have you even been to high school before? You're lucky I'm an understanding human being with the decency not to spread rumors about you. Now that I think about it, that would be a great way to start your first day off . . ."

Sam was gaping at the girl. She just kept talking. She picked up her books and started walking out, all the while still talking. He had nothing to do but follow her. He wanted to interrupt. He wanted to say that he had to get to his next class, but her voice was so intriguing, and the things she said were so interesting, even though they had nothing to do with what she was first talking about. When she got to her locker, she stopped. Her mouth seemed locked shut. Her cheeks started to flush. But then she became angry.

"You let me talk to you this whole time? You have a class to get to, you dimwitted redhead. Don't tag along with me the whole day. That won't help you, alright? I've been nice, but now it seems like you just can't deal with just nice. You have to listen to me all day, is that it?" Suddenly she seemed much taller . . . and much scarier.

"Sorry . . . I just didn't want to inter--" And then Sam was interrupted.

"Scram. You're already late. For the second time today." The girl rolled her eyes and got her books.

Sam did scram. And he didn't see the girl again until lunch. Lunch always seemed to be the part in the movies where everything went wrong. For Sam, lunch almost fixed everything that had already gone wrong.

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