The Little Wolf

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Chapter 1

Change of Plans

"LITTLE WOLF!" My best friend, Luke yelled as he pounded on my bedroom door.

"Go away. I'm trying to sleep!" I called back.

"I've got big news!" He yelled.

I groaned but got out of bed and let him in. Little did I know Calum, Ashton, and Michael also stampeded into my room behind Luke.

"Poor Little Wolf" Calum cooed.

I shot him a glare and he laughed.

"You guys know I hate that nickname!" I exclaimed exasperated.

They all rolled thier eyes and bounced onto my bed. I sighed.

"So what's the big news?" I asked.

They grinned.

"Our band is opening for one of the biggest boy bands in history" Ashton said dramatically.


"One Direction!" They yelled at the same time.

"WHAT?!?!?!" I screeched.

"We are going to met them tonight...." Michael added.

"And you get to come with us!" Luke screamed.

I couldn't believe it. My best friends are touring with One Direction. When I jad moved to Australia four years ago Luke befriended me, then when he met the boys and they formed thier band I became friends with them as well. Even now, four years later, they were the only friends I had, but that was fine with me. I shook my head and pulled them into a group hug.

"I'm so proud of you guys!" I exclaimed.

Just them Lukes phone rang. He answered and flinched.

"Yes alright we will be there in a few." He said before hanging up.

"Sorry Little Wolf but we have to go. Do you want us to pick you up tonight?" Luke asked.

"No, I'll walk."

"Be there by 7" Calum said as he hugged me goodbye.

I jumped into bed and snuggled up under the comforter. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Sudden blaring jarred me awake. My alarm. I stretched before throwing the blankets off and rolling out of bed. I jumped into the shower quickly before throwing on some cloths and grabbing a bite to eat. I yawned as I glanced at the clock. 6:30 time to go. I walked out the door and headed towards the meeting place, my nerves jumping. I could see the building when i was suddenly thrown into a wall. My head smacked against it and my vision swam. I blinked a few times and it returned to normal. I glanced around. I was surrounded by the popular group from my school. They always harass me cause I was friend with Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael. They hated me for it.

"Where are you headed to, Rosemary?" The leader Drew sneered.

"None of your business!" I growled.

Drew flared and snapped her finger. I was lifted off the ground by two of her budies.

"Teach her a lesson!" She commanded.

They cronies got in a few my face and stomach before I kicked them on the knees. They instantly released me and I ran towards the building. I made it to one of the boys bodyguards before they caught up with me.

"Release her!" The biggest one, Ron, comanded.

The cronies let me go and Ron carried me inside. I saw Luke pacing as we rounded a corner.

"Where is she?!" He exclaimed.

"I found her." He spoke.

Luke twhirled around and paled. Calum gasped, Ashton whistled lowly, and Michael swore.

"You can put me down Ron" I said.

He gently set me down and lefdt. Luke rushed fpreward and examined my face.

"Looks like a black eye and split lip this time" He whispered.

"I'm fine. It's nothing." I assured them.

Luke wad shaking so bad from rage.

"Why do they keep doing this?" Ashton asked.

I looked down and picked at my finger nails.

"its because you are friends with us" Mickey realized.

The boys manger walked in just then.

"Come on, One Direction is here." She said and lead the way out.

We all followed her.

"You guys stop them most of the time. Cause we are almost always together and they never dare do anything with you guys around." I admitted.

"Then its only going to get worse when we leave for tour." Luke growled.

"We could bring you on tour with us!" Calum shouted out.

"Ron and the other bodyguards, Ginerva, and 1Ds manager would never allow it!" I protested.

"We will make them agree. We cant leave you to get hurt!" Luke exclaimed.

"And if they don't we will refuse to go" Ashton added.

"No! I wont let you guys do that!" I stopped walking and crossed my arms.

"Too bad, Little Wolf!" Luke said as he threw me over his shoulder.

Just then we walked into the meeting room. Luke dropped me on my butt and I grimaced.

"You okay Little Wolf?" He asked.

"Oh just peechy" I snarled, which caused him to laugh.

Suddenly 5 sets of laughter rang out. I whirled to see the members of One Direction laughing. I must have made a funny face cause then my boys started laughing. I stood up blushing. Eventually the laughter faded away.

"We have better light in here. Let me look at your face again" Luke said as the other mingled.

I rolled my eyes but obeyed. He prodded my bruised cheek and I growled and flinched.

"Hold still Little Wolf." Luke commanded.

Suddenly conversation stopped.

"Did he call her Little Wolf?" Harry asked Calum.

"Yeah, that's our nickname for her" he replied.

"Why?" Niall asked.

"Cause she is cute and cuddly, but will kill you in a heartbeat if you give her a reason to, plus She's really tiny." Calum answered.

Before I could smack him both bands' managers walked into the room. 5SOS' manager,Ginerva, looked me over before sighing and asking if I was alright. After she was satisfied that I was she had everyone sit down. I plopped down on Luke's lap which causes him to groan.

"You're quite heavy for a little thing, Little Wolf." He grumbled. One Directions manager glared at him and alshut up.

"We have decided that it would be in both bands best interest to leave a bit early for the tour so that we can work out some kinks." One Directions mamnger,Henry, said.

"About the tour, can Rose come with us?" Ashton asked.

"Absolutely not!" Henry exclaimed.

"But something really bad will happen to her if she stays here!" Calum yelled.

"She will be fine" Henry replied.

"No she won't. Look at her face she got those walking here. These kids from school beat her up just because she's friends with us. They only time she's safe is with us!" Luke screamed at him.

"Well its not your problem its hers." Henry replied coldly.

They boys all started screaming at him. Luke lifted me off his lap and set me down in his seat before walking towards Henry his hands in fists. I scrambled up and got in front of him.

"Luke its fine. I'll be fine. I can protect myself. I'll be OK." I told him.

He looked down on me and shook his head.

"Look at you. You've got a black eye and split lip!" He argued.

"Yeah but that's nothing compared to normal!" I exclaimed.

"Whats Normal?" Liam piped up, I had forgotten that they were in here.

"A broken rib or two, bruises everywhere, scrapes and scratxhes all over, that what it normaly is" Ashton answered.

"That's aweful" Zayn muttered.

"Youre pretty tough how are they able to do that much damage?" Louis asked.

" They corner her and have half the football team backing them up and enforcing Drew's will" Calum said.

"She is coming with us!" Harry exclaimed.

"No" Henry said.

"Then no tour" Louis growled.

Henry sighed and left the room.

"Don't worry Rose, I will make sure you come." She said with a smile before leaving.

"You guys really shouldn't have done that!" I said exasperated.

"So what you part of our pack now, Little Wolf!" Louis said, grinning.

I groaned and flopped face down on the couch, while they all laughed.


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