The Chain Story... featuring you!

Hey guys!
This story is all about you! List at least five facts about yourself (or more if you wish). When you're finished, pick someone to pass it on to. Then they list at least five facts about themselves. This carries on until we all lose interest. XD

Be as random or weird as you like!

Anyway, enjoy!! :D

Chapter 1

10 Facts About MrsHarrison1965 (or Lacey)

1) I am into psychedelic rock, and I like 70s rock as well.

2) I can read about three to five books a day.

3) My bedroom is practically a Beatles museum.

4) I share my museum bedroom with my tween sister. (Not always fun).

5) I am a history buff, and a Grammar Nazi.

6) I have a liability to get my account hacked. (cough Sarah cough cough)

7) I'm not too bad at roller-skating, although I can really only go forward. XD

8) I hate getting dirty. I can't ''stand'' filth.

9) I love watching ''Mythbusters''.

10) I am mentally married to George Harrison. :)

I hope you enjoyed learning about meeeeeeee!!
Much love,
Lacey the Llama (or Macca ^-^)

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