Please send me confessions!

Chapter 1


by: KrisWolff
I created a story titled "Anonymous Confessions" ( and I need more people to send confessions to me! No matter what it is or how dumb it sounds, I want you to send them to me! Even if it's like "I said my favorite ice cream flavor was chocolate....... but it's mint." or something really weird or depressing, I won't judge you!
(I'll even accept and post sexual confessions, as long as it's not extremely detailed and nasty. Ex: I masturbate to puppies or something. That's okay, just don't include mega se*xy detail and stuff.)

If you don't want to send them from your profile, please use one that i created. Simply log onto AnonymousConfessions ( Email: ; Password: anoncon ) and create a message titled "Confession", input your confession in the message, and send it to me, KrisWolff.

This is for people to know that they're not alone, and your confessions will greatly help!


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