Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes

This is the story of an object called Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes. The stone's power is tremendous, taking anyone's deepest desire into account and making it come true. After its creator realizes that its power is too great, she banishes it away from her world, where the stone finds itself to appear on Earth. The stone travels from person to person, causing chaos.

Chapter 1

The Protection Chant

She feels the power surging through her veins. The heat of the boiling water in the cauldron is filling her brain with excitement and exhilaration. She wants all the knowledge she can ever have. She continues the chant,

"Mihi scientae mundo omnia scire necesse est."

The bubbles repeat her words in light, cheerful voices. "Mihi scientae mundo omnia scire necesse est!" They yell.

The cauldron's water is flashing in all kinds of bright colour. At the very bottom, the young witch can see something forming. A ball of power is clustering at the bottom of her pot. She grabs the longest wooden spoon she owns, and jabs it into the ball.

The spoon snaps in half.

She screams, puts out the fire and looks into the cauldron. The ball of power is as hard as a rock, and it has absorbed the wood of her beloved spoon!

She carries the heavy half-a-meter-high cauldron to the dining room and places it on the ground. She scratches her head. This has never happened to her before. She was a prideful witch who had never had any problems with the control of her magic, so why would this happen now? She picks up a large ladle and pours the ball and leftover potion into her strainer. Sitting in her strainer, there lies a small rounded stone, the size of a baby's fist.

"What is this?" She asks it, not knowing of its power.

"I am Adon." The stone replies as it glows a bright purple. The witch is briefly startled by the stone's ability to speak.

"What are you doing here?" She yells, bewildered yet fascinated.

"I am here for the benefit of magic-kind. I shall grant you a wish --ANY wish-- no strings attached."

"You are, are you?" She asks in her usual skeptical tone-of-voice.


"No strings attached?"

"Nope. Just tell me what you wish for and I shall turn that wish into reality."

She ponders for a moment. Free magic. What could go wrong? "Fine."

"Fantastic! What is your wish, mistress?"

She glances at her cauldron then back at the stone. "I want to be smart, wise, and unstoppable because of it. I wish for a brain larger than the size of the sun!"

The stone suddenly turns into a bright red colour. "As you wish."

The naive witch is suddenly given the most terrible headache ever imaginable.

"What are you doing to me?!" She screams.

"Simply granting your wish, mistress." It replies evilly.

Her head suddenly begins to bulge at the top. The poor young witch is screaming at the top of her lungs, completely incapable of using any of her magic due to the intensity of the pain in her head. Suddenly, a spew of blood bursts from her left ear, followed by a spew from her right.

The woman is shrieking in pain and terror as her skull shatters at its uselessness against her now enormous brain. Before the witch is flattened under the mass of her abnormally large cranium, she lets out a final chant.

"Be gone stone of evil, you are no longer welcome in this world. Deo, nos a malumquod vis nocere nobis et spiritus, nos sunt aperta adaqua dare nostrum. Tueri nos. Tueri nos. Tueri nos. O carissima ad munda nos mali et aperta Transitus crystallis."

The small cabin fills with blood as the witch ceases to exist. Though her life was stripped short, the stone, thanks to the witch's chant, is rocketed out of the planet's atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the stone is cunning. It latches itself onto a piece of space rock that is making its way to the planet Earth, hoping to spread terror across all nations. The space rock is destroyed with the friction in the atmosphere, but Adon, thanks to its power, survives and travels into a small region in Quebec, Canada.

Meanwhile, a girl, maybe about 13, is walking along the sidewalk of her neighbourhood, when suddenly, Adon smashes the ground before her. The girl manages to dive out of the way in time, and after impact, she goes to see what the fuss was all about. She sees Adon, brilliantly shining in all kinds of colours.

"I'm TOTALLY taking you home." She says as she picks it up in puts it into her small brown bag.

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