Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes

This is the story of an object called Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes. The stone's power is tremendous, taking anyone's deepest desire into account and making it come true. After its creator realizes that its power is too great, she banishes it away from her world, where the stone finds itself to appear on Earth. The stone travels from person to person, causing chaos.

Chapter 2

"Don't forget to lock the door!"

by: Deceit
Once the girl arrives at her house, she knocks on the mahogany door.

"Hello?" she yells. She peers through the peephole. Nobody was home.

"Fine, then," she sighs to herself, slightly annoyed that nobody bothered to answer. She reaches into her handbag, searching for the keys. Her hand touches metal and she takes it out, clenching her keys in her palm. She struggles to unlock the door until it finally opens with a creak.

The house is empty, and the lights are all off. The girl furrows her brow as she slams the door shut, and takes off her shoes.

"Mom? Dad? Are you guys home or not?" she yells. No response. The house remains eerily silent.

The girl decides to check her parents' room to see if they were there. She leaves the foyer and walks up the stairs and down the hall, until she arrives at their room. She listens to see if they are inside, and then opens the door, only to find that the room was empty.

"This is very strange," the girl says to herself. Where could her parents possibly be?

After searching the rest of her house to no avail, she decides to call her mother's cell phone. She does not pick up, and nor does her father when she calls his.

The girl is most definitely nervous. She enters her bedroom and lies down on her bed, wondering what to do. Then suddenly, her brown handbag begins to glow.

"What in the world?" the girl gasps. The purse is glowing a bright, neon shade of purple.

She quickly empties her purse, in hopes of finding the source of the strange glow. Sure enough, it was coming from the smooth, colourful stone she had found earlier.

The girl picks up the stone tentatively, examining it. And then suddenly, it speaks.

"I am Adon," it proclaims. Its voice is deep, and sounds fairly similar to that of Mufasa's, from The Lion King.

The girl, stunned, drops the stone in surprise. Did that stone just TALK?

She sighed. "I'm probably imagining things," she thinks, shaking her head.

"I am Adon, the stone repeats. "I shall grant you any wish, give you any gift you desire, no strings attached. I guarantee it."

The girl is skeptical. After all, it was a rock.

"This isn't real, is it? It must be that good-for-nothing little Aaron that lives next door pulling a prank on me!"

"It is no trick," the stone says. "I will turn any wish you want granted into reality."

The girl is still not eager to believe it. Even if the stone was real, it probably came with some sort of a side effect. Just having a wish granted would be too good to be true.

"I still don't trust you," the girl says slowly. "I saw a movie about something like this once... Bad things always happen when you try to change fate."

"As I said, no strings attached," the stone repeats in its deep voice. "You will get exactly what you wanted, I guarantee it."

And then there was a small, slow creak.

The girl suddenly realizes that she forgot to lock the door.

Loud, heavy footsteps can be heard moving around the ground floor of the house.

Then up the stairs.

Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak.

The girl's stomach feels heavy. Her parents' footsteps didn't sound like that...

"Alright, alright," the girl says quickly. "I'll make a wish, whatever!"

If the stone had had a face, it would have smirked. "Very well. What shall it be, mistress?"

"I wish for whoever is coming up the stairs to be gone!" the girl hisses. The footsteps are getting louder.

The stone turns blood-red. "As you wish."

Suddenly, the footsteps stop. In their place is a choking noise, like someone had swallowed more than they could bite. Then there is a crash. And then another crash. And another.

The girl realizes what was going on. She decides to check the stairs out for herself. She leaves Adon in her bedroom and walks towards them, then stops, stifling a frightened gasp.

At the bottom of the stairs is the body of an unfamiliar man, his body limp.

The girl is too shocked to do anything. What has she done? Was it merely a coincidence, or was it HER that did this?

No, it wasn't her. It was Adon.

The girl walks towards her room slowly, barely able to contain herself. She bends over to pick up Adon, who was emitting a bright green glow, and snatches it quickly.

She then walks over to the window, and throws the stone as far as she can away from her house. She watches as it falls and cracks the windshield of a white Honda driving by, causing the driver, a middle-aged man, to stop his automobile on the side of the road to see what happened.

Once she is satisfied, the girl sits down on her bed, wondering what in the world she was going to do.

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