Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes

This is the story of an object called Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes. The stone's power is tremendous, taking anyone's deepest desire into account and making it come true. After its creator realizes that its power is too great, she banishes it away from her world, where the stone finds itself to appear on Earth. The stone travels from person to person, causing chaos.

Chapter 3


by: sam96348
She runs down the antique stairwell of her creepy, empty house, passing the unconscious stranger along the way. Two flights. Three flights.

She gets to the bottom floor, one of the many basements in her house.

She walks through a tall doorway into a large room filled with dusty books. Her parents were both scientists, and so were their parents and their many brothers and sisters. The girl's parents inherited the books from these family members.

Her parents were very organized, so she was able to identify the many books on the subject of rocks. She randomly picks one and starts flipping through the tattered pages.

There were several pictures accompanied by words she could barely see. The book ended up being useless. She closed it and put it back on the shelf. It was then that she hears a small noise. It was a simple drop. Then the entire house was quiet again. It seems to be coming from the inside of the wall.

What is the eerie noise? Is it Adon trying to get his revenge? No. The glowing stone would have constantly made the creepy noises, not just once.

She trips on a large piece of wood and falls to the ground. Her hands hit the wooden surface just enough for her hands to get scraped. She looks over to see a small handle. She crawls over to it and runs her fingers along the cold, rusty metal. She turns the handle counter clockwise once, twice, three times before anything happened.

After the handle had turned three times, the square of wood it was on pops up as if a child is playing with a jack-in-the-box. It reveals a ladder.

She crawls down the ladder, feeling scared it would break and she would have no way out of the dungeon it lead to.

The ladder seems to go on forever. As she climbs down it, she begins to feel less and less scared about her worry of falling and potentially breaking the old ladder.

She is about to place her foot on the last piece of the latter, but her toes touch the ground.

The entire room is dark. The only light is comes from the library directly above her. She feels around for the item that had dropped. She picks it up.

It is an old and tattered book without a title on its case. She opens it, bending its spine so much it almost breaks. She couldn't see anything, so she carefully puts the antique book into her mouth and climbs the ladder, making sure that the book did not fall.

She eventually reaches the top and enters the library, relieved to be back in her own house, even if a dead person lay several stories above her. She removes the book from her mouth and gently opened it.

She flips it to its first page, revealing a woman with odd, pale skin. The woman was stirring a boiling pot with a spoon. In the background was the same glowing stone that had been in her house earlier today.

She was surprised, scared and happy at the same time.

Next to the stone, on the next page, was a quote. "The only thing that can change Adon, in any way, is by throwing at it what is colder than the grave".

She thought about this for a while.

'Snow", the girl said.

Suddenly Adon appeared, flashing all different kinds of colors. The girl goes outside into the cold winter. The somehow alive stone follows her.

She bends down to clasp a ball of snow, scared.

She takes a deep breath, outstretches her arm, and releases the snowball as a pitcher threw a baseball.

As it hit the glowing stone, the girl feels a rush of pride.

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