Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes

This is the story of an object called Adon, the Obstreperous Stone of Wishes. The stone's power is tremendous, taking anyone's deepest desire into account and making it come true. After its creator realizes that its power is too great, she banishes it away from her world, where the stone finds itself to appear on Earth. The stone travels from person to person, causing chaos.

Chapter 6


Meanwhile, the mother of Arlo, Jenna, was desperate to find and destroy the thing that had killed her family. The firefighters, always anxious to help, told her that judging by where they thought the fire had started and some suspicious burn marks, that they thought it was a smallish, stone-shaped object. Since then, she had done everything she could to find out what the "stone" that had caused her home to burn down was. She was thinking one day, and she had the a thought. What if that strange thing she had given to that fireman on the day of the fire was it? It was certainly worth inquiring about.

She checked the fireman's history, and there it was. His child had been extraoridnarily sick, and one day he was mysteriously and miraculously cured. Nobody asked too much about it because they were all to relieved. However, just a short time later they were robbed! She read on about his history and found out all that had happened to poor Morris, and decided that it was more than a series of coincidences. She decided to pay him a visit.

She arrived at his doorstep, collected her thoughts. She rang he doorbell, waited thirty second or so, and was ecstatic to see that he was cradling the stone in his hands as he answered it. "I NEED THAT STONE RIGHT NOW!", she screamed. Morris, taken aback, dropped the stone, and Jenna tried desperately to get to it. Morris got in her way just in time.

"What do you think you're doing?" he cried. "This is my house and everything in it is mine! you cannot have Adon!" She didn't stop. "I need it! I need it!" She was really desperate. They had a brief but furious wrestling match, which Morris won. "I'm calling the police!"

Suddenly, to both of their surprise, Adon spoke. He said, " I can give you one wish, Jenna, no strings attached..."

Jenna fell back, her mouth a perfect O of surprise. Moris fainted. Adon was quiet. "It talks!" she cried, "How does it talk?!". She fell into some kind of trance, whispering almost inaudible things. One of them was, "Arlo, Give me back my Arlo..." Morris, being unconcious, naturally couldn't hear anything she said. However, Adon could. "Really?" he said, apparently surprised. " I'll see what I can do about that..."

A little bit later, when Morris was just coming to his senses, the doorbell rang. "You expecting somebody, miss?" Morris said, swaying like a drunken sailor. "'cause I ain't" Jenna hastily stood up and brushed herself off; she would not embarass herself in front of a stranger. Had she known what was at the door, she probably would have hid as well as she can.

It rang again. Morris peeked through his slightly open window into his front porch, gasped, and fainted again. "What a stupid fireman," she muttered when she saw it. "Can't even keep himself together." She started yelling fiercely in the general direction of the door. "WHO ARE YOU?!" she ask. "BECAUSE IF YOU'RE A ROBBER OR WHATEVER, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU! GET OUT!"

But the voice who answered her was worse than any robber.

"HONESTLY, mother," Arlo yelled in a fake-devastated voice, "can't you even recognise your own DAUGHTER??"

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