Harry Potter Group Story Sign-Ups (OPEN)

Hey, I'm making a Harry Potter Group Story! If you'd like to be a part of it, simply read the Info chapter. Copy the form that is given (Read the example provided if you like), fill it out and comment it! I'll pick 3 other people to do the story with me, and then send you messages. Thank you and enjoy!

-Eve <3

Chapter 1


by: _evee_
This is during the second generation period

I'm looking for three more people (1 girl, 2 boys)

So these four wizards/witches are all in their first year of Hogwarts. They meet a become best friends. When they come across a peace of parchment called the Marauders Map, they become the New Marauders. But at the same time at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall retires, and hands her position to her niece, Joanne Piphersnug. Their new headmistress is horrible, constantly picking on the kids and giving them detentions at every opportunity. When the New Marauders discover the shocking secret about their new headmistress of Hogwarts, will they be to late to save the school?


Name: (Full)
Nickname(s): Optional
Age (Must be 11-12 at begging, can be older near middle/end)
Pet: (Owl, Cat, Rat, Toad)
Physical Appearance:
Role in the group: The Brain (Make plans, thinks of ideas), The Glue Taken by Evangeline (Keeps the group together), The Double Agent (Goody two shoes in front of teachers but much different with friends) and The Dare Devil (Carries out the plans)
Personality: (At least 4 characteristics)
Blood Status:
House: Since it is still undetermined before the sorting, just tell me the most likely houses

Now, here's my character:

Name: Evangeline Sophia Clorris
Nickname(s): Ev, Evie, Angie
Age: 11
Pet: Toad, name Blopkins
Broom: Zoomer 900
Physical Appearance: Short, Petite frame, Sandy Brown Hair, Scattered Freckles, Green Grey eyes, overall looks young for her age
Role in the group: The Glue
Personality: Down to earth, Loves talking, Protective of her friends, defensive, stubborn, loyal
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
House: Undetermined for now
Fears: Death, Not knowing what's next, Being lost
Other: Has an older sister name Tamara (15) who's a Gryffindor and a brother Jackson (17) Who is a Ravenclaw. She lives with her Mom, Tamara, and Jackson.


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