The Girl in the Red Cap

This story is from the view of an older Sheldon sumpter now sucessful Author looking back on his youth & how 2 friends(Esther and Edam) relationship helped him shape his life from youth on up, by knowing the meaning of love, family & frienship. Thanks to Cali Kurt Cobain & The girl in the red cap.
plz write in a poetic aspect at times
In present time: funeral of 1 Esther Ella

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Georgia

We gather here today to celebrate the life of one Esther Georgia Ella Ramall. As the reverend speaks I look over to my Nana nodding off, I nudge her and say goodnight. Once my Nana had fallen asleep at her parents wedding. Curled up underneath the furthest back pew. She was the flower girl, so you could imagine the trouble when she did not come skipping down the isle, rose petals in hand waving arm left to right. Dropping each petal with a swing of her flowing arm. Out the basket and onto the floor.
It's a cold autumn day. Tuesday that is. But only if yesterday was Monday, which it was. You can feel the breeze of life that picks up the leaves flow through your soul. Only if you're me you would say something as stupid and meaningless as what I just said.
"Sheldon Sumpter, well known Author and Poet and good friend of Esther Georgia will now speak." says the reverend. "Thank you reverend Pool" I say as I take the podium
"Umm well good evening" I say. The people do not respond.
As I ready myself to say 'Good Evening' again I look around and choose not to repeat myself, so I stutter into to the mic the word hello. As the the wind blows the leaves I begin to see my dear friend. I react with a smile and a slight tip of the fingers wave. "Georgia-" I say as I choke up and begin to cry. "Esther hated her middle name, Georgia. I remember a lot of things about Es but what I remember most was her temper after being called Georgia". Many people respond with a smile.
I look out and see Esther's favorite person, besides me and Edam. Wes Bowntley. Eshter's love and High school sweetheart.
A tall good looking black man. He waves to me. As I wave back, I begin to remember my first day at my new school. And how the tall football guy saved me.


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