Girls and feminism rant thing


Chapter 1


by: KrisWolff
Okay, I'm ranting about this because this morning, both my brothers and my father said that men are oppressed more than women are. Which does not make sense on a few points.
1) Both genders cannot be oppressed by the other, because only one has authority. Look up the definition.
2) Along with number one, who has power? Think about it. Do a little research.

My father then tried to "prove" his "point" by giving me a scenario. "If there's a man walking down the street weaking a bananna hammock (he seriously said this) and a crop top by a group of ten year old girls, what would you think of him? Now think, there's a girl wearing a bikini bottoms and a crop top walking by a group of boys. What about her?"
I had several things to say about this, but, well, my father isn't exactly a listener.
But my point was that it's acceptable for a woman to do that because society deems it okay for women to be looked at as pieces of meat, or acquistitons to claim. I believe both people should be able to wear what they'd like as long as they're not rubbing up on children or exposing themselves to children.

Then my little brother was talking to me, "If a girl hits a guy and he hits her back, he's nine times out of ten called the abuser and a rapist!"
To which I responded: "Where do you get your stats from?" And he shrugged and said "places."
I acknowledge that women tend to get away with abuse and rpae, but that is usually because they're seen as the weaker gender and could not be capable of such things. and men are strong enough to handle it. Which is another thing.
The patriarchy has created a society in which men cannot cry, show emotion, or talk about "feelings". I know that, it's a huge problem. Because emotion is a "girl thing".
Has anyone noticed schoolyard insults? Girls are usually called "ugly", or a "whoore"; things having to do with their appearance and sxeual activity. While guys tend to be called "weak" or a "psusy"; things attacking their ego and character.

This probably doesn't make any sense, but I'm freaking angry about it.


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