Mixed Blood (A Vampire Knight Continuation Story)

Mixed Blood (A Vampire Knight Continuation Story)

A strange pureblood vampire has come to Cross Academy to become a teacher of the Night & Day Class students. Naomi Rikiyu is a little known pureblood who follows Mr. Crosss' pacifist views by attending the school & putting her own children in as well.
Naomi Rikiyu (Pureblood) - 'Above all; beauty'
Alice (Human, adopted) - 'Noble sort'
Gale (Hunter, adopted,) - 'Sea storm'
Akihiko (Aristocrat, birth,) - 'Bright Prince'
Suzume (Pureblood, birth) - 'Sparrow'

Chapter 1

Lady Naomi Rikiyu

by: Cozy_Glow
Cross Academy stood before her, still, silent & graceful. With grace, the woman walked towards the large gates of the school, long fair hair & purple dress elegantly floating behind her as she walked. The faint sunlight that escaped the cloud cover glinted off her silver heels & jewellery like a screen from a movie.
Finally, she stood in the grounds of the renowned school, looking about for her guide. A young man with silver hair was leaning on the stone gate, his violet gaze holding much mystery.

"Are you the Guardian of this school?" she asked, turning to face him. "My guide?"
The boy nodded. "This way."

The woman followed the young man to the headmasters' quarters, admiring the school for it's beauty of fairness & mystery. The headmaster, Mr. Cross, was delighted to meet her, taking her hand. No matter how hard he tried to remain profession, he couldn't contain his excitement.

"Mrs. Rikiyu, I'm so glad you came!" the man chattered. "I hoped the sun would stay hidden so you'd be safe!"
"Thank you for such kindness" the woman smiled angelically. "And I must than you, young man, for escorting me here. I most certainly would be lost without you!"
The younger man nodded.
"This is my son, Zero, he's such a silent guy~"
Mrs. Rikiyu giggled. "Oh, that does not matter~"

As Cross & Rikiyu continued to chatter, Zero decided it would be best to leave them alone. He could sense with his enhanced Hunter sense that she was a Vampire, but it was memories that told him she was a Pureblood.


"And here is where the Night Class stays!"
"Oh, it's so wonderful!"

Mr. Cross was delighted to show off his beloved school to his Pureblood guest, Lady Naomi Rikiyu. He showed her everything: classrooms, hallways, staff rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, anything he could show off, he showed with pride.

"Mr. Cross, your school is simply gorgeous!"
"Thank you--"
"But, I must enquire about something."
"Y-yes, your ladyship?"
"Your philosophy... what is it again?"
"That humans & Vampires can co-exist."
"Then I have a perfect plan to propose, as I believe in this as well."

And she spoke with excitement & profession in her melodious voice of her proposition.

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