Hey guys, it's Tiffany.

Chapter 1

Yes, I am still alive.

Well hello there.
You guys probably don't even remember me anymore.
It's been so long, too long.

So if you don't remember I have been MIA because I have been unnaturally busy and I also no longer have WiFi at my house. I do hope to be getting WiFi back very soon since I now have a full-time job. I may or may not be on more after I get Wifi, but work is crazy so we'll see.

You haven't noticed yet but I went through all my created stuff and deleted a lot of things. Mostly small stuff that won't be missed but I also deleted Pretty much all of my personal stories. Sorry to those who read them. I Just didn't like the idea that they were rotting away w/o being updated.

Sorry again and hope to talk to you lovely people soon.

Love, T-Ann


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