Hey guys! I'm writing a story off-quibblo because it's the most important story to me right now and I want to share it with you guys, but Quibblo would own the story and also I don't like the editing set-up. But I will share one of my favorite excerpts :)

Chapter 1


I was in one of those moments. Those, f**k it all, screw the world, let's drink and say stupid things moments when your hands are in the air and your voice loud, stumbling around in a happy terror. And, of course, I was doing it in front of the most dignified and smartest creature in existence, Hasaani Miller.

Not to mention, we were both pissed.

Sitting next to him, in the bizarre world we existed in, staring at the stars, I spoke. "When we looked up at the sky, we used to see these gorgeous pinpricks of light, decorating the sky. And you know what we felt? Amazement, yes, but fear also. We saw the beauty, and it filled us with terror, because we didn't know what it meant. All we knew is that we were insignificant to this stunning show. The worst thing you can do is make humans feel insignificant. We will destroy everything so we don't feel that stomach-dropping knowledge of our meaninglessness. So the humans flooded the stars with light, covering them, erasing the beauty. We were so afraid of not knowing we destroyed a work of art.

Have you ever done that, Hasaani? Have you ever destroyed something wonderful because you were terrified?"

"It wasn't from fear."

I let out a bitter, loud laugh that comes from one of those moments. "Yeah, it was. No one said it and really no one knew it, but it was. You still get the lesson, Miller. Otherwise, we did it from stupidity and selfishness. We didn't know, and then we were so full of it we didn't care."

We were quiet. I started crying, thinking of Mel. Hasaani was not that bad, but Mel was the only person I would want sitting next to me in this awful time.

"Well, have you?"

"What?" He knew what I was talking about, but he didn't want to contribute. There was a hard look in Miller's eyes, and he was clearly thinking. I remembered how completely different we were.

"Ruined beauty our of fear."

"Haven't we all?"


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