First group story, just trying it out! :) Hope you enjoy :))))

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Short lived like any other elf in the religious small-town of Asgarde. Though the majority of his physical stance was average in comparison to other elves, his personality stood out from the rest. Short was a dreamer; always lost in the clouds, unlike the others who were purely based on rationality. He was often captured as an eccentric. He was interested in art and music and didn't want to be a soldier or medic. He wanted to live life to the fullest, unlike the other elves who wanted to serve the government and act like cattle. Due to the religion of his town, he was thought to be a product of satan for being so different and unlike the others. Art was a sin, music was a sin, drama was a sin. Combat for justice and helping the sick were the only things a standard elf could do.

Short didn't care. He was passionate about what he loved. Even though he was constantly beaten and being forced to pay prices for being the type of person that he was, he never lost touch with his interests.

And with that here is the story of our passionate little hero named Short.

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