Heroes of the Leaf - Naruto Fanfic

Heroes of the Leaf - Naruto Fanfic

My first ever work of fanfiction and it's on Naruto. Story is very action and battle driven, and even though Naruto still plays a solid role, there's not going to one single main character--rather, the main protagonist is none other than the Konoha 11 themselves, whom I'll be giving some new jutsu and more strength overall. Story takes place months after the events of The Last: Naruto the Movie.
Latest Chapter: 5 - The Undead Four

Chapter 1


3 A.M. Sunagakure
“Ugh, damn it, morning already?” moaned Kankuro until he heard a second explosion.
Now wide awake, Kankuro looked outside the night window to see the village under attack.
“What in the world?! Gaara! Temari!”
Kankuro quickly went to check on his siblings. He saw that Gaara wasn’t in his room. Suddenly, the wall behind him was blown up. Kankuro turned around to see three shinobi levitating on jet boots looking his way.
“Wind Style: Wind Scythe Jutsu!” Temari arrived just in time to eliminate the three with just one swing of her fan.
“Temari, what happened?!” asked Kankuro.
“Hurry up and get your puppets! We’re under attack! Gaara’s already outside!” demanded Temari.
Kankuro nodded and quickly did as he was told.

There were enemy shinobi gliding around everywhere striking down many of the Sand’s shinobi at rapid speeds. They were armed with various sorts of weapons including...
“They have guns?!” asked Temari.
“Just who the hell are we up against?!” asked Kankuro.
Suddenly, another enemy ninja appeared right in front of the two, about to attack. Shortly, Baki, the former mentor of the Sand Siblings swiftly arrived to cut down the enemy ninja with his Blades of Wind.
“Baki!” said Kankuro.
“Don’t stop moving!” warned Baki frantically. “Ah! Behind you!”
Temari quickly got rid of the enemies targeting the trio from behind her. As she did, Kankuro bent down to unmask the enemy Baki struck down.
“They’re... mechanized!” gasped Kankuro.
“What?!” exclaimed Temari.
“So we’re up against robots, huh?” asked Baki. “Still doesn’t explain where they’ve come from.”
“Let’s get moving. I just heard more coming that way!” alerted Temari.
Kankuro used his puppet strings on the fallen robot.
“It looks like these things are powered by chakra. I can control its every part easily,” explained Kankuro.
“Perfect. Hold on to it if you can, after we fend them off, we can analyze it to find out who the enemy is!” responded Baki.
“And for the time being, I can use their own weapons against them!”
“I hope you figure out its functions quickly then,” said Temari. “Here they come!”

More robot ninja appeared and surrounded the three.
“Temari, get ready!” ordered Baki.
“I know!” Temari responded.
Right before the robots could shoot them, Baki and Temari combined their jutsu to form a strong barrier of wind deflecting on the bullets. Kankuro followed up by shooting the enemy robots with his own newly acquired “puppet.”
“Well, this thing isn’t half bad!” Kankuro remarked. “Let’s see what else this thing can do!”
Kankuro had his robot summon two light sabers to perform melee attacks on some of the remaining robots surrounding them. He also tried controlling other robots to test out their functions. Temari and Baki continued their attacks as well.
“Having fun, Kankuro?” joked Temari.
“What? Something wrong about a puppet-master using the enemy’s puppets?” responded Kankuro.
“Not the time! Now let’s hurry and keep moving!” ordered Baki.
The three could see from a distance that Gaara was fending off the enemies relatively easily.
“There’s Gaara!” called Kankuro. “Looks like he’s doing well!”
“Let’s head over there!” said Temari.
Kankuro, Temari, and Baki continued to take down enemies along the way.

“Don’t get carried away, Kankuro!” warned Temari.
“That’s right, the enemy is still unlike any we have went up against,” warned Baki. “Even if you have some advantage over them.”
“But them’s the breaks when you send a mechanized army against the wrong guy!” gloated Kankuro.
“Is that so?” asked a voice from behind.
Temari, Kankuro, and Baki quickly turned around to see a cloaked and hooded figure in black. His face could not be seen.
“Who are you? Are you with the enemy?” asked Baki.
“Or are you the one leading those bots?!” asked Kankuro.
“Need I answer?” responded the cloaked figure. His voice was moderately deep but of a young man. “Do I look like an ally of yours?”
He suddenly appeared right in the middle of the trio to attack them and the three evaded accordingly.
“Wind Style: Blades of Wind!” Baki went straight to the cloaked enemy to attack but the latter quickly retaliated by slashing Baki in the stomach with a blue light saber.
“Baki!” exclaimed Temari.
“Damn!” grunted the injured Baki.
Kankuro pulled the enemy away from Baki by attaching his strings to the cloaked enemy.
“Temari, now!” commanded Kankuro.
“Right!” Temari swung her fan to unleash a vortex of wind on the enemy; however, the cloaked figure had completely disappeared from the spot.
“That fan,” said the cloaked figure, who had reappeared on top of a building. “You are Temari, the strongest Wind-Style kunoichi in the Hidden Sand. That over there is your brother Kankuro, the last of the Sand’s puppet-masters.”
“And what of it, huh?!” asked Kankuro.
“How much do you know about us?” asked Temari.
“I know that you two are Kazekage’s siblings. That said, where is he now?”
Just then, a circle of sand surrounding the cloaked figure.
“You called?” said Gaara, standing on top of a cloud of sand in the air.
“Gaara!” Temari and Kankuro called out simultaneously.
“Temari! Kankuro! Get Baki to a safe place!” ordered Gaara.
Kankuro picked Baki up. But before he and Temari can leave with their former mentor, Baki warned Gaara about the enemy.
“Lord Kazekage... be careful!” grunted Baki. “He teleports instantaneously!”

“Lord Kazekage, I am honored to meet you,” said the cloaked man.
“Cut the formalities. Who are you and what are you after?” asked Gaara.
“I have no intention of identifying myself. But to answer your second question, I’ve come here to test the village’s military strength as well as your own. From what I’ve learned, out of the Five Great Nations, the Hidden Sand seems to be the strongest second only to the Leaf.”
“You attacked my village, just to test us? I don’t buy it. Moreover, you’ll be targeting the Leaf as well, am I right? Or have you already been there?”
“Why, because they are stronger? Be at ease, I honestly have little interest in the Leaf. Personally, I like the color silver more than I do gold. But please, feel free to prove yourself stronger than the Hokage!”
The cloaked figure warped right in front of Gaara trying to attack him with two light sabers. Gaara easily blocked his attacks and unleashed a whirlwind of sand around him.
“Sand Shower Barrage!”
Gaara unleashed an endless barrage of sand bullets in front of him, a tactic that would prevent the cloaked enemy to teleport or do anything in his front side. Without a doubt, his adversary would be forced to strike from behind and with that in mind, Gaara had preset his rear defense into a solid blade of sand, appearing and slashing the enemy the instant he appears right behind Gaara to attack.
“Gah!” uttered the enemy, whose wound let out sparks of electricity.
“Another robot, huh?” asked Gaara.
Gaara then wrapped his opponent in a Sand Coffin.
“Now answer my question: Why are you ‘testing’ my village? What is your true purpose? Who are you?”
Gaara attempted to remove the enemy’s hood with his sand, but once again, the enemy had teleported away.
“Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu,” the cloaked enemy spoke from a distance as he conjured up multiple Particle Style cubes that moved towards Gaara.
Particle Style?! thought Gaara, as he struggled to avoid the cubes. Ultimately, one of the cubes caught him and detonated. However, it had merely caught a sand clone.
Scalar Sand Shower!
Gaara overwhelmed the area with a soft shower of sand before attacking his enemy again.
“There’s only one person alive I know who can use Particle Style. And yet, not even he can summon that many Particle Style objects!”
The enemy tried to evade Gaara’s subsequent attacks. However, he could barely move.
“What?!” exclaimed the cloaked figure, suspended in midair.
“Sand Paralysis,” explained Gaara. “Have you not noticed the Sand Shower surrounding you? It’s no ordinary one--the sand will keep you from using any of your functions as long as you’re in three-dimensional space!”
“But only in this village right?” asked the cloaked figure.
“It’s time I receive answers from you. Spill it, who are you and what is your true objective?”
However, the enemy merely chuckled.
“I’m sorry. It is still too early to answer. I promise I will answer you... once the entire shinobi world belongs to me, myself, and I!”
And with that, the cloaked figure vanished and never came back.
He’s after the entire shinobi world?! And... thought Gaara.

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