{walking dead} -a poem

Hey guys! It's 02.08.15 and it's been such a long time since I've been on here and I'm so sorry! But I'm here now and I have a poem to share with you that I wrote back in July. Sorry it's a bit sad, I write about my life

Hope you like it!

With love, Carrie

P.S It has nothing to do with The Walking Dead ok

Chapter 1

{walking dead}

by: Carrie_
After years of the same old, tired routine,
My mind wanders into a world of "what if's."
There are so many things in the world
yet to be explored

But the repeated "no's" from voices
of my childhood
have stopped me from finding myself
and instead made me
into something I never dreamed of being.

Each day I wake up
feeling like there's nothing let for me
to find,
like there's no hope for me
to embrace,
like there's no chance for me
to break free.

The emptiness fills my chest
with aches and darkness
and Each day I feel like
I'm the walking dead.


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