Anonymous Stories and Poems!

Chapter 1


by: pensively
Hey guys! I know that there are many writers on this site, but some of us are too shy to share our work. So....the QOrgTeam (and I) decided to fix it!

Here, writers can submit poems and stories anonymously and I will post them without saying who wrote them! :) *Submit to this link: *

After you have submitted, I will post them all here! Please keep in mind that it may take a little while to get your story posted, but it will happen! Please be patient!

Notice: At the top of each submission, include whether or not you would like critique. That way, at the top of each chapter I can tell the viewers whether or not you wish to get any constructive criticism.

Questions? You can DM me and I will happily respond!

One more thing: This is a collaboration between myself and the QOrganizers Team! Check us out here:

Thanks, and happy quizzing!

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