To the Eyes of the Beholder (A Harry Potter story)

(This will not have any original Harry Potter characters in it. Professors will be from Harry Potter.)

Chapter 1

Leesa Owens

I peered through my binoculars at the house across from the park. I could've sworn I had seen something flying through the air; and it wasn't a bird. But when I looked in the direction there was nothing but the rattling trees near the house. I put my binoculars away and looked around for my sister. She had been hanging out with a group of her friends. I turned around when I heard their loud laughs in the distance, "Natasha! It's getting late. Can we go home?"

Natasha glared in my direction. She was three years older than me, turning fourteen in October. I had turned eleven just last month, in May. Natasha's friends were mean-looking, even when they smiled. One of them wore way too much makeup, and another wore almost no clothes. "Lee, you can go home alone, or stay here, okay? I'm not walking you home. You're not a baby . . . or are you?" She snickered, and her friends giggled along with her.

"Fine. But dad'll be mad." At that, I stomped off with my sister rolling her eyes behind me.

She started to call in my direction, "Better hurry, sis! There's monsters around when it gets dark!" More laughs. "Don't worry, Lee! Daddy's right around the corner! No crying, okay?!" More laughs.

As I walked past the swing sets, they started to... well, swing. Higher and higher. It must have been a strong wind, although I felt no wind. Suddenly, the metal chains flew off the poles at the top of the swing sets, flying towards Natasha and her friends. I screamed with the girls. "What the hell did you do? Y-You freak!" Natasha yelled as she chased after me.

"I don't know-- stop it! Natasha!" She was about to grab my arm when I sprinted away. I didn't know how that happened, and the fact that Natasha blamed me was unbelievable. How was I supposed to know how that happened?

Before I knew it, I was home. Dad was watching TV in the family room, and when he didn't see Natasha, he looked at me with a puzzled expression, "Where's your sister?"

"Still at the park..." I muttered under my breath. I didn't like my sister for being so mean, but I didn't want to rat her out.

"Still at the park? She let you walk home alone?! It's dark out! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" My dad got up and yelled for my mom.

In a moment, she was downstairs too, "Alone? Alone?! I can't believe that girl... she'll be dead next time I see her!"

"Mom! Dad! It's okay. I'm fine. I'm not a baby!" I leapt to the stairs before they could say anything else. I didn't want to hear them complain about my sister. Maybe Natasha was right, maybe I was a baby.

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