I ain't never done a repost before, but oh wells. -_-

Chapter 2

Determine your life by what's around you repost

by: Sarcoline
Original content by kalamata
Not meant to be taken seriously.

1) Grab the first book you see. Open it to page 15, and write the first paragraph of that page. This relates to your love life.
Books for all ages...

2) Look for a painting, poster, or photograph (first one your eyes land on). If it's a landscape, this is the mystical land of your greatest dreams. If it's a living thing, this is your spirit animal. And if it's abstract, this is a visual representation of an emotion you often feel.
It's a painting of a wolf in a snowy forest.

3) Put your ipod on shuffle. Hit next. The song that plays is what you'll feel after separating from your lover.
"Let it be" by the Beatles. OoO

4) Hit next again. This song is about your family.
"Help" by the Beatles. XD

5) Hit next again. This song alludes to your destiny.
"Happy" by Pharell.

6) In an alternate world: The artist of the first song is your soulmate. The second artist is someone who has a one-sided love for you. The third artist is your greatest friend in the world.
So the Beatles are my soulmates and people who have a one-sided love for me? EHHHHH??!?!?! Pharell is my greatest friend in the world...?

7) Close your eyes. Turn your head from side to side (whichever speed) and count to three while keeping them shut. Open your eyes upon saying three. The color of whatever it is you first saw represents emotions you're currently lacking in your life.
[] Red: You need physical achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction.
[] Orange: You need social fulfillment and challenges
[] Yellow: You need logical order and individuality.
[] Green: You need acceptance and security.
[] Blue: You need inner peace and truth.
[] Indigo: You need harmony and acceptance.
[] Purple or Violet: You need emotional security, order and perfection, and to help others in need.
[] Pink: You need unconditional acceptance and love.
[] Turquoise: You need self-expression and emotional balance.
[] Magenta: You need total and complete balance.
[] Brown: You need safety, security and comfortableness.
[X] Black: You need power and control. (That's true XD)
[] White: You need simplicity and independence.
[] Gray: You need respect and your place in the world.
[] Silver: You need meaning and spiritual fulfillment.
[] Gold: You need to understand yourself fully.

8) Look up "historical figures" on google images. The first one you see is who you were in your past life.
Albert Einstein...

9) Your death will be similar to how this historical figure died.
He died by internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.....ow...DX

10) Pick any random number.
Uh, 54?
This is how many years you have left to live. X(

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