repeated words ii

this is my second repost book.

Chapter 2

Quibblo Stereotypes (Original content), by (kalamata)

Place an X in the brackets of the sentence that applies.

The Random Unicorn

[] You themed your profile in very vivid, bright colors.
[X] You type "hey" like "heeyyy"
[] Unicorns are awesome to you.
[] You're 13 or younger.
[] You make at least ten quizzes a day.
[] Your username has either the word "sparkle," "candy," or many numbers in it.
[] One of your Quibblo besties hacked your account and wrote your about me for you before.
[] You support Larry. (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson)

Total: 1

The Gloom Rat

[X] You have themed your profile in very dark colors before. still is, lol.
[X] Your About Me is very short and non-descriptive. yeah, these days I mostly put quotes in there
[] You've made a quiz about suicide.
[X] You write poems on this site.
[/] To you, your life sucks.
[] You rarely use smiley faces.
[X] You frequently end your sentences with an ellipsis. (...)
[] Your profile picture is an anime character.

Total: 4.5

The Sweet Sunflower

[] Anti-bullying awareness is very important to you.
[] You love giving shout-outs.
[] Your About Me often recommends your amazing top friends.
[] You love participating in contests and group stories.
[/] You're very quick to defend your friends in the face of something mean, rude or critical.
[X] You leave nice comments on quizzes you take.
[] Your About Me takes up almost all the characters allowed. it used to
[X] You use smiley faces frequently. I use this ':D' one a lot.

Total: 2.5

The Lone Raven

[X] You have a small circle of close friends.
[] You identify as panse­xual.
[X] You've stated that you have a certain specific phobia or disorder. I've relatively recently found out that my fear of wasps actually has a name. XD
[X] You enjoy things commonly considered dark.
[] Your religion is often misunderstood.
[/] You're intimidating.
[X] You've put quotes from a literature piece, song lyrics, or idol you admire in your About Me. ah ha! Here it is. XD
[/] You're blunt.

Total: 5

The Witty Chipper

[X] Your vocabulary and grammar are quite excellent. if I do say so myself. ;P
[X] You've said "Indeed" instead of "yes." I do this often
[X] You're obsessed with a book series, movie series, or some other vocabulary related entertainment.
[X] When describing yourself, you self-discriminate, often humorously.
[X] Your messages to people are often very long. once I actually get round to responding to them
[X] You are a story writer.
[] Your top friends are uncannily similar to you.
[X] You're of high school or college age. (even older) I'm 19. D: :D

Total: 7

The Drama Llama

[X] You make rants.
[/] You are trying to get a spot on Quibblo's top friends. I used to be, then I was put on there, now I ain't on there no more... That's a country song right there! :D
[X] You've made some content with the title "GUESS WHAT????" or "OMG!!!!!!!!!"
[/] You always have a friend to recommend to others.
[X] You have 100 or more friends. I currently have 947
[X] People rarely friend you; you friend them first.
[] You've made the "Girls Only, no Boys Allowed" quiz.
[] Your real BFF is on Quibblo together with you.

Total: 5

The One Blowin' in the Wind

[] You've so far X'd maybe a couple from each category above.
[] You have no idea what anyone's talking about when they say stuff like "Quibblo War No. 3"
[/] You don't really talk to anyone here. Not any more, any way. I just stick to 1 or 2 people really.
[/] Most of your friends are inactive. in the whole FL, yep.
[/] You take frequent vacations from the site.
[] Your quizzes don't get very many views.
[X] You delete half or more of the stuff people send you. It's mostly spam. Even in these dismal times, spam lives on...
[] You actually have a life.

Total: 2.5

I'm a Witty Chipper. :D

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