FORBIDDEN LIGHT - a love that changed EVERYTHING

Clara was just an angel enjoying life in heaven, but when a young man is on the verge of death. It’s her job to make sure he is safe and unharmed, then becoming his guardian angel. Jason, who is a popular guy in school and the quarterback for the state champion football team, has taken a liking to the hard-minded Clara. Will she fall in love? Take him as her lover forever? Or will she forever be alone?

Chapter 1

My name is Clara

“Clara! Time to get up.” I was sleeping soundly on my cloud when I heard someone call my name so I looked down and there was my teacher, Mr. Hemmings, looking up angrily at me. “What? I’m sleeping.” I turned over on my back to close my eyes and try to go back to sleep but the yelling continued. “Clara! You’re needed, so get up right now or I’m flying up there to get you and I’ll drag you!” now he sounded serious.

So my name is Clara Warden, I’m an angel. Sworn to protect god’s child, learn the ways of heaven, to follow the rules of an angel, blah… blah… blah. I’ve been an angel so as long as I can remember. But my life is amazing, but it’s also now my forever job. We have three rules we are to follow like Don’t EVER walk into the gates of hell, Think like an angel and talk like an angel, and don’t EVER fall in love with a human. Pretty stupid, but really I don’t really give two craps about hell or love.

I flew down from the cloud and landed next to Mr. Hemmings and he then looked business like when he told me “Clara you are to follow me.” Then he took off flying without a warning, and I went up after him. As I catched up to him I had to ask him “So… why am I needed, if it’s about something I did I didn’t do anything.” He look back at me and shook his head “No, you’re not in trouble. It’s just Axel needs you for something.” I chuckled, what a surprise, the head angel wants me. I rolled my eyes “is it about the be-my-queen-thing again?” Axel is the head angel who suddenly thinks I am his forever lover, like hell no. So ever sense then, he has been asking me to become his queen over and over again. Which is super annoying, and stupid. Mr. Hemmings grinned at me and chuckled “Well I don’t blame him for liking you, you are quite the pretty one. But I think it’s something else then that” he laughed, all I could do was pray that axel wouldn’t drop the question again so I said “I hope your right.” I don’t want to go through another embarrassing moment with Axel. Like I said, it’s annoying and stupid. “Hemmings, if it’s not that, then what does he want?” Mr. Hemmings shrugged his shoulders in reply. “We’ll have to see Clara, so enough questions and enjoy the flight and the beautiful spring.” After he said that, there was a long silence and a stressful, boring flight to the head angel’s fort.

“Clara, my queen, my light, and my love, you came!” Axel ran over to me and tried to hug me as if we are dating, but I stopped him with my greeting and question “Greetings Axel, but I’m not here to listen about how you adore me. I’m here to know WHY I was dragged here in the first place.” Axel stopped in front of me and Mr. Hemmings and his face changed from a puppy greeting its master to the head-angel-serious-time face. “Oh that’s right! Well we have a problem down on earth that needs some attention.” He turned to an angel who handed him a folder and handed to me grinning. “The human’s name is Jason Windlock, and I want you to be his guardian angel until I say otherwise.” I open up the folder to see a picture of a young teenage male with short black hair, with blue-gray eyes, and a charming smile. He is 19 years-old, captain of his football team, and lives in California. “What do I get in return?” I was still looking at Jason’s data when I asked Axel that question. But I regret asking that question because he said “Well becoming my queen of course!” I looked up to see his puppy face all over again. I rolled my eyes, signed, and replied “I really don’t want to be a queen, there are other female angels who would LOVE to be your queen.” He grabbed my hand and looked like he was wanting to cry “My dear, sweet Clara, you’re the only one who makes my heart ache, my voice turn into music, and the one who makes me want to become a better leader! Clara why don’t you accept my offer into becoming my wife, my queen, and my eternal lover?” I started getting angry at this point with his stupid questions and he always telling me he loves me is just… so annoying! To the point I want to just kick him hard enough were the sun-don’t-shine that his screams will heard from hell, and his tears make rain fall and cause floods to humans. I take my hand away from him and took a deep breath and stared into his pathetic, sad golden eyes “why I don’t I want to be your queen? Hmm… I wonder… is because I don’t love you? Or maybe it’s because your questions are getting so annoying!” he took a step back and looked guilty then he lowered his head like a pet is being scolded from his master, but he said to me “I’m sorry Clara, I didn’t mean for you to get crossed with me. Please let me excuse myself.” He turned around and started walking away from me and the super shocked Mr. Hemmings. Before Axel went into his office he called to me with his I’m-head-angel voice “Make sure you don’t fail this mission ok Clara?” and he closed his office door with a soft click. I quickly started to prepare my wings to fly until Mr. Hemmings put his hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw his face was full of worry “wait… Clara, I think you kind of went too hard on Axel.” I shook his hand off my shoulder and chuckled. I turned to face him and tilted my head and grinned “Doesn’t this face look like it cares?” Mr. Hemmings crossed his arms looking at me now getting angry “Clara…” that’s when I took off flying before Mr. Hemmings could even protest.

Flying always clams me down, you have nothing to worry about but people getting in your way or running into you. You just feel the breeze and the sun on your back, and no one to ask you stupid questions or to bother you about anything. Just you and the sky. That moment I forgot about all the stupid petty things, and I was at peace. Then I saw my apartment and flew to the front door, before I could opened the door I heard a noise at the back of my head screaming at me “Ugh! Headache…” I opened the door and walked in. I was greeted by my wonderful, beautiful living room and a basket of chocolate treats on my coffee table. I walked over and pick up a chocolate kiss then went into my bathroom to get some medicine for my headache. “Gosh girl you look beat!” as I looked into my bathroom mirror. My green eyes looked tired, my blond hair was a mess, and my face looked pale. That’s when I started to feel the tiredness and wanted to go to sleep. “Man, tomorrow I start babysitting that Jason kid.” After reading his file he seemed to be a normal human teenager, and I was confused why he needs to be protected anyway. He was healthy, happy, and having the time of his life. So… Why? I got out my toothbrush and toothpaste and started brushing my teeth and got into my PJ’s so I can be ready to go to sleep. Soon after I was done my phone rang “Oh sweet heavens, what now!” and ran to were my phone was then picked it up “Hello, this is Clara Warden?” on the other end I heard giggling and shushing “h-hello um is your refrigerator running?” oh wow, some new-be angels trying to prank call me? With the oldest joke in the book, how… retarded and lame was that? “Oh is it running? No. Because all day today it worked very hard by keeping my food nice and ready for a new meal, but thank you for calling and asking! It was so thoughtful of you.” On the other line the kid seemed to be kind of speechless. ”O-oh that’s g-good. Heh Heh… uh.” he now sounded nervous so I let him have it ”thank you again for calling but I just wanted to say, I hope you learn something like NOT TO CALL PEOPLE WITH STUPID JOKES WHEN IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO SLEEP!! Good-night and have pleasant dreams.” I hang-up and put my phone back in its place and went into the kitchen. I hope that stupid kid learned his lesson tonight. Good riddance! So then, I began looking in cabinets for my oreo cookies so I can sit on my couch and watch some T.V. then hopefully I can calm down after that stupid–so-called-prank-call.

I finally found my cookies and walked into my living room, but then again I felt like someone was screaming in my head. “AH! Damn, why isn’t the medicine working?” I rubbed my temples when I took a seat on my couch, this never happened. I looked at the time to see if maybe I can make a phone call to my teacher, but it was 8:47 PM so I thought he might not be home yet. “Aww crap, how am I going to relax with this headache?” I lay down on my back towards the T.V. and closed my eyes thinking of sleep and how relaxing a bath could be. “A BATH!” I opened my eyes and sat up then walked to my bathroom. “A bath might make me feel a lot more better and probably this headache too.” After standing there in my bathroom I went to my tub and turned on some hot water then ran to my bedroom to grab my robe and shampoo. I saw Jason’s folder sitting on my desk when I grabbed my slippers, so I thought maybe I can look Jason over some more so I grabbed that too. To I changed completely out of my clothes to my naked self, then quickly put my slippers and robe over me and walked to the tub. I set the folder down on the counter and my slippers and robe hanging behind my bathroom door. I stepped into the tub then like holy cow my body was starting to relax as soon as my butt touched the water. “Mmmmmm… so nice.” I sat there for what seemed like forever, so then I remembered I hair needed to be washed so I grabbed my shampoo and started washing my hair. As soon as I was done cleaning my body and feeling fresh and clean, I sat up and grabbed for the folder to look in it again.

The picture of Jason still is a shock, he looked more like an adult then a teenager. I decided to look and see his hobbies, mostly he liked football and parties. But few things that I thought was interesting is he likes to play with kids, go to church, and spend time with his little sister and brother. “Aww cute.” I looked on the next page to see a picture of his family, his mother, sister, and brother. “Why do I have to watch him when he looks to be living the prefect life?” this is stupid, he seems to have the most perfect life as any human teenager could ever wish for! I feel like I shouldn’t have agreed to watch over this kid. I close his folder and went back to washing my body. Then my headache got worse I sat up to what seemed like my head was going to bust open at any second. I get out of the tub and ran to my door to grab my robe and slippers, but then my ears started to ring. “AHH!” I fell to the ground in pain and started to moan and scream. “MY GOD!! WHAT”S HAPPENING!?” I screamed even louder and was holding my head and squeezing hard so hopefully the pain would stop. It was so painful, as if a bomb went off inside of my head! Then, spots started appearing in my vision and it was getting very dark in the bathroom, I let go of my head and laid down on my side on the tiles. Everything was slowly disappearing, and stars were dancing around me. The next ten seconds, everything went black as a fainted into a deep sleep.


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