Updates from the fantabulous (not really) E!

Chapter 1


Hello my lovely friends! Sorry I've been inactive lately and not updating any stories (as usual though honestly) but I've just been busy with school and end of year stress that I haven't found much time to hop on Quibblo that much but right now I'm going to give some updates real quick!

Update 1: I don't plan on leaving anytime soon but if you want to interact with me on another website, I've been investing time into my DeviantArt and just writing fanfictions. I only have two right now (A Psycho Pass fanfic and an AOT fanfic) but I plan on writing more so if you want to check it out, here's the link! (http://demonhunteryeager.deviantart.com/)

Update 2: After that shameless self-advertisement, I want to let you guys know that I'm deleting several stories off of my page especially all of my dead group stories. I've lost interest in several of these stories and for group stories, half of the writers have either deleted their accounts or they are hardly inactive and I'm extremely guilty of this as well. Some of the group stories I will continue IF I have writers willing to take places but my single stories are up for anyone to take the idea if you loved it and you want to continue it. Here's the list and if you need links just let me know!

Single Stories: Twins, Hunted, Welcome to the 21st Century, Forever in December, and Fast Forward

Group Stories: Outrunning Chance and Iridescence (I might take this plot and just write it as a single story)

Update 3: I know tons of people are leaving and becoming inactive which sucks but just in case you plan on leaving and wouldn't mind keeping in contact with me, my email is bookwriter1232@yahoo.com! You can email me anytime as long as you tell me your username and other info if you want! Please don't send me links to anything because I'm paranoid and I'll probably think that someone is trying to bug (or whatever it is) my laptop :P. I love you all like family and I have hopes that this website will be better and a new and better chapter will begin for the Quibblo community soon!

Thanks for reading!


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