When Wands Cross

A Harry Potter group story by tammy1360, books, artemis12348 and me (SugarKart). This story takes place in the era after the Harry Potter storyline. This is their childrens' storyline.

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
Writing order:
tammy1360 writes as books, books writes as artemis12348, artemis writes as SugarKart, Sugar writes as tammy.


artemis12348s' character

Name: Annabeth Peterson
Age: 17
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Personality: Intelligent, Bookworm, Honest, Great at white lies although she prefers to be honest, Good girl facade, Very self-conscious although she doesn't show it, Tomboyish, Often points out people's strengths and weaknesses, keeps most of her emotions in
Look: Auburn hair, hazel eyes, pale, long face, quite tall, freckles
Blood-Status: Half-Blood
Favorite class: Potions, Charms
Least Favorite class: Herbology, Care of Magical creatures
Likes: Shady trees, the ocean, books, all sweets except black licorice
Dislikes: Baseball, Fire, Prejudiced people, Boring teachers
Quidditch: Yes
Position: Keeper

SugarKarts' character

Name: Imogen Hearthfire
Age: 11
Year: 2nd
House: Gryffindor
Personality: Kind-hearted, spirited (a bit like Luna), 'floaty', easily distracted with the right things (eg. animals, chocolate), always interested in what you have to say
Looks: Golden blonde hair, knee length, twin braids; big, aqua blue eyes;
Blood-status: Mudblood
Favourite class: Care of Magical Animals, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration
Least favourite class: Muggle studies (Knows how the Muggle world works)
Likes: Animals, candy/chocolate, magic
Dislikes: Sport, high flying, spiders
Quidditch Player?: No.

tammy1360s' character

Name: Mary Rose Evanson
Age: 13
Year: 2nd year
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: Mary is calm and quiet. She's quite shy which makes it hard for her to make friends. If you hear her talk enough, you'll find she's quite witty, and can make you laugh. Mary is quite distant from others and many might see her as cold, but if you talk to her she's much kinder than expected. She's very timid and hesitant. Mary can think of ideas quickly, but when she is under pressure, her mind doesn't seem to work right.
Mary is quite clumsy with her words and when people talk to her she needs to take a moment before speaking otherwise her words get jumbled. She's very compassionate and loving. She's loyal and trusting. It's extremely hard for her to tell lies.
Looks: Mary has ashy brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. She usually wears it up, because it is very thick and gets frizzy in humid weather. She has hazel eyes. Her eyes are football shaped and she wears contacts for her near-sighted vision. Mary is about 5 feet tall, and weighs a small amount; about 85 pounds. She has long legs and big hands. Her nose is small and slightly pointed at the end. She has thin lips. Her skin is a pale olive color.
Blood-Status: Muggle-born
Favorite class: Transfiguration (She's fascinated by it.)
Least Favorite Class: Potions (She can never get it right.)
Likes: reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, sitting outside, making playlists, cats, rain, thunder, lightning, being tickled, and chocolate banana bread.
Dislikes: people who seek attention constantly, too many people at one time, when the ketchup bottle is right side up (or any condiment bottle, really), dreams (when sleeping), Pluto oppositions, questions, papercuts, and flat soda.
Quidditch Player: Yes, she's clumsy in her words, but not physically.
Quidditch Position: Chaser

books' character

Name: Lexi Sullivan
Age: 14
Year: Fourth Year
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: Happy, friendly, trusting. Very eager to please, and can be quite talkative. Can be quite competitive, and never gives up. Isn't very good at planning, and prefers to live in the moment rather than think about the past or future. Can be a bit impulsive, and stubborn. Cannot be quiet, unless she's doing something like sneaking into the kitchens for a midnight snack. A big eater. Pretty quick on her toes, and easily startled. A bit gullible. Loves to do things, hates listening
Looks: Light brown hair goes halfway down her back, naturally straight and gets darker brown near the roots. Blue green eyes, she insists they're more green than blue, but generally they're considered more blue. Slightly tanned skin, a bit chubby cheeks, and a round face. A bit small, and flexible.
Blood Status: Half-Blood (from her father)
Favourite Class: Herbology. She loves just doing things with the plants.
Least Favourite: History of Magic: Too much talking, not enough doing.
Likes: Dancing, gymnastics, playing with her friends, listening to music, chocolate, alllll lollies, art, painting, creative things in general, getting into the kitchen, doing magic, roleplaying, cheering at Quidditch matches, winning games
Dislikes: Sitting still, having to be quiet, hunger, phobia of needles, people who aren't friendly, losing games
Quidditch Player: No, she prefers to cheer, (and LOUDLY) from the sidelines. She can get extremely competitive, and can get a bit moody if they lose. She usually snaps out of it soon enough though.

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