When Wands Cross

A Harry Potter group story by tammy1360, books, artemis12348 and me (SugarKart). This story takes place in the era after the Harry Potter storyline. This is their childrens' storyline.

Chapter 2

Miss Mary Rose Evanson

by: Cozy_Glow
The brush went through my hair, catching in the knots of sleep, and pulling them apart. My hair went up into a tight bun to prevent anymore knots finding a home in my hair. My ashy-brown hair shone smoothly in the artificial light of my room.

"Another year at Hogwarts. Another year to practice Transfiguration and Quidditch!"

I smiled at myself in the mirror, making sure my hair was up, before putting my contacts in and leaving to breakfast. Mother was preparing omelettes, humming a tune as she went. Father was reading his morning paper, every so often, taking a bite of his omelette.

"Morning mother, morning father."
"Morning, dear Mary~" they both sung.

I sat opposite my father and a hot omelette was placed before me by my mother. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, before sitting beside me. We discussed little at breakfast, just the occasional question of 'Have you got everything?' and 'Do you need anything?'.
Finally, it came time for me to get onto Platform 9 3/4 and go to Hogwarts for my 2nd year. Father waved goodbye to mum and I as we drove off towards the train station. I waved to him as he vanished into the distance. I loved my parents and I loved my home, but Hogwarts was were I could play Quidditch without the worry of being seen by Muggles other than my parents. I couldn't wait to start training and playing Quidditch, though, I'll try to avoid any new players for a while.
Mum parked the car & helped me take my bags towards the platform. I kissed her goodbye & went through the wall onto Platform 9 3/4. I love magic. I quickly boarded the train, keeping myself from conversation for a while. I found a place empty of anyone, so I sat down & pulled out a book to study from.
All was quiet and good, until an older girl came rushing in. She was in my house of Hufflepuff, but not my year. She plopped down on the seat opposite me with a loud sigh.

"Hi, I'm Lexi Sullivan! You're in my house aren't you? Younger year?" She whipped a bar from her pocket, ripped it open & munched on it. "You're a Quidditch player right? I love Quidditch like no one else!"
"Y-yes, I play Quidditch."
"What position?"
"What year are you? House Hufflepuff?"
"Yes, 2nd Year student."

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