Staff at the apartment program I live in refuse to sign me into the housing that I deserve. As a result, I've decided to imagine that I already exist where I want to be.

Chapter 1

Enjoy The Housing I Deserve

by: 15me
It's been seven years since I've moved out of the mental health shelter. I live in the east new york section of brooklyn. I live in my own apartment. My building is on the end of the block. The park is across the street. The band play the drumbs every weekend. The church members sign spiritual hymns and songs. I ride my bike to work each day. Every week I have a flat tire, so I'm always at the bike shop gitting my bike repaired. I comb my hair now. When I was at the mental health shelter the comb that mental health shelter staff gave me did not last because my hair was took thick. My hair is still thick, however, now I go to the hair salon regularly. My hair stylist does my hair well. I can comb my hair easily and my comd last. I enjoy the great outdoors. Feeling the breez past my skin the warmth of the sun rays and the smell of the blooming flowers. I try counting the rain drops that slid off my hands. I usually louse count after 10 because I get slashed with water as I wait for the walk sign to symbol go. Licence plate number. Color of the automobile. Model. State. Location. Time and date. Name and cellular phone number. I'm getting used to this by now. Nobody said it would be perfect, but it's worth it. When I pray, I find that my day turns out better. I enjoy volunteering at day program. I makes me feel needed and, therefore, boost my self confidence. I enjoy work too. I have a stedy schedule. I've always wanted stability. My daily routine is also stable. Wellness...


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