VanderGroove Academy

Orphaned at thirteen, living alone at seventeen. Maye Joanne is alone, school is about to start back, she isn't getting much money from her job, but she pushes through. She does it to make her parents proud. So, when she gets an acceptance letter from the unknown school VanderGroove Academy, she has no choice. But it unnerves her, because she never sent an application. What makes it worse is the night she gets it, she has a nightmare about an unknown boy. The only recognizable thing about him is

Chapter 1

The Acception Letter?

Darkness doesn't always stand for evil, nor does light stand for good.

All she could see was fire. Her vision swam, she could hear her younger brother screaming. Where were her parents? Were they already dead? That didn't matter at the moment, she needed to find her brother. Make sure he was okay, she could hear him wailing. Was he hurt, or was he just scared? She wouldn't know, because a support beam fell on her. Robbing her of her consciousness. Right after darkness consumed her, she saw several different images. Herself searching for her brother, her parents trying to find her, the fire starting. It terrified her. Then she saw something she didn't know, two men. They were clearly twins, but they only thing about them that stood out against the darkness around them were they identical emerald green eyes. They were laughing, almost like they were laughing at her expense. She was alone, probably dying, and would never see her loving family again. What was she to do? She was helpless. Then she saw something truly horrific, her family burning. Her family turning to ashes. Then she started seeing other things, vampires, werewolves, demons, pixies....

Maye shot up, her eyes feeling sore. She gasped and looked around her living room. She was back home, her dream was only memories. She looked at the TV, which was in the middle of a vampire horror movie. She sighed, that's probably why I started dreaming about vampires and such... she thought. She shut the TV off and looked at the clock, it read: 10:55. "Crap." she said and stood, grabbing her purple bathrobe from the chair and slipped it on. She went around her apartment and started locking windows.

Maye jumped a little when thunder sounded from outside. "Jeez," she said as she closed the shutters. "God is doing so serious thinking tonight."
She went to lock the front door. But before she could...

Bang Bang Bang

The door flew open. A large man stood there, wearing a trench coat. Shielding the lower half of his face. Lightning crashed behind him, lighting up what little of his face Maye could see. Maye stood wide-eyed, suddenly terrified and insecure in her purple bathrobe. She stood up as straight as she could, trying to make herself as tall as she could. Or at least as tall as a short seventeen year old redhead could. "Wh-who are you?" she demanded, hoping he didn't hear the crack in her voice. The man held up his hand, an envelope fluttered in his grasp. Maye stared at it. When she made no move to take it from him, he put it on the table beside her front door. He turned and walked out, closing the door behind him. Maye stared bewildered at the closed door, getting up her courage she ran to it and opened it. The guy couldn't have gotten too far, but once she wrenched it open... he was nowhere in sight. She slammed the door and locked it.

Maye looked at the envelope on the table, it was slightly damp, the paper was browned in age, and in neat cursive letter were written: Maye Joanne, Can't wait to have you with us. She licked her lips, What does that mean? she thought. She carefully picked it up and slowly opened it, half expecting something to jump out at her. The paper inside was slightly darker, almost as if it had been roasted. Maye read the cursive writing on the page slowly:

Dear Ms.Joanne, Maye

We are very pleased to inform you that we have read over your record and you have been accepted into VanderGroove Academy! We will be expecting you at the beginning of the school year. You reach all our standards and expectations. Someone will be at the train station to collect you in two weeks, one week before school starts. You will be staying at the school in our dormitories. Can't wait to have you!

Sincerely, Headmaster Janice James

Maye blinked at the paper in her hands, "VanderGroove..?" She hadn't sent an application to any VanderGroove. In fact, she didn't know anything about it. She went to her computer, which was on the desk in the living room, and typed in the name. She clicked on the first link and started to read.

VanderGroove Academy

The prestigious academy has been around for several hundred years, it's building an old catholic school, and it's campus the so called battleground of the battle of 1897. There are many legends that surround this school, one of the most popular is that its students are all...

Before Maye could read the next part of the sentence her computer screen fuzzed before shutting off. "Aw, what!?" she shouted. "There is no way my brand new laptop crashes on me." she muttered angrily. "Why does this stupid school even want me? I live by myself for Pete's sake!" She closed her computer, laid the letter on her desk, and checked all the windows and door before going to bed.

Maye Joanne (17)
Long red hair, bright blue eyes, small frame, several patches of freckles.
Comfortable clothing
Tends to stick to herself but opens up to people once she feels comfortable and secure

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