VanderGroove Academy

Orphaned at thirteen, living alone at seventeen. Maye Joanne is alone, school is about to start back, she isn't getting much money from her job, but she pushes through. She does it to make her parents proud. So, when she gets an acceptance letter from the unknown school VanderGroove Academy, she has no choice. But it unnerves her, because she never sent an application. What makes it worse is the night she gets it, she has a nightmare about an unknown boy. The only recognizable thing about him is

Chapter 2

~Dreams Of Crimson Rivers~

Maye lied down to rest, not sure she would be able to. But, as soon as her head hit the pillow, she passed out. Only moments later did her minds start showing her images she didn't want to see.

Walking through darkness does not mean you are walking blind, nor does walking light mean you can see.

Maye awoke, but was not under her familiar polka dotted comforter. She sat up and looked around at all the tall, sticky, slick back grass around her. Under closer observations, she realized that whatever it was that was on the grass was red, and she wanted to puke. Blood. She staggered to her feet and limped to a boulder and leaned on it, it was slick and she slipped off. Her hand was now deep red...she retched. She heard the sound of splashing and deep, but uncheerful laughing. She managed to get to her feet and followed to noise, hoping for an explanation to what was going on. She walked into a valley, roughly ten minutes away was a lake. Maye could see figures emerging from it's waters, in the darkness she made her way over. She looked to the red moon above her. She stopped far enough back not to be seen, and stared in curiosity at these boys. They were all around her age, she stared in horror of the large black, scaly wings that jutted awkwardly out of all their back. They were each dripping wet with crimson liquid, she saw several of them licking it off of themselves.

Maye took a slow, and frightful step backwards. She stepped on a branch, the sound traveled and echoed. All the things whirled to look at her. She could not make out any faces or distinct features, only glowing eyes. Only, hungry, glowing eyes. Only, angry, hungry, glowing eyes. One of them stretched his wings out and strutted towards her, she didn't dare move. Afraid she'd unleash Purgatory itself on herself. As he grew closer, he became more distinct. Short black hair that stopped at his shoulders, slicked back with crimson fluid, piercing red eyes, and strange tattoos that littered his bare, and broad, chest. He, however, didn't look hungry or angry. In fact, he seemed please almost like he expected her to arrive. She could here indistinct chatter from the other boys as he approached her. She managed to hear, "Fresh meat." and "Female flesh, so sweet." The boy stopped in front of her, still unfamiliar. She couldn't make out the shape of his face or anything other that his crimson eyes. He bowed in front of her, his head down.

"I've waited for you, sweet dearest." he said, his voice a low rumble. It sent shivers up Maye's spine. He looked up at her, his eyes narrowed. He looked like a predator on a hunt. The large wings on his back twitched in challenge, daring her to speak. When she didn't, he took her small hand into his. Carefully lowering his lips to it, in a sweet and gentle kiss. "My sweet dearest." His voice carried, clearly warning the others not to bother her. Maye could tell by the growls of defiance the others emitted. She never once took her eyes off the boy in front of her, and he hadn't taken his mouth away from her hand yet either. He looked up with a grin, his canines glowing menacingly in the dark red light. Before she could react, he sank his teeth into her palm. She screamed and tried to snatch her hand away, but he grabbed hold of Maye's wrist. He held fast, no matter how much she struggled. He rose to his feet, easily dwarfing her. He put his free hand on her shoulder opposite him and forced her closer to him as he greedily drank from her hand. He thrust his head back and away from her hand, she moaned in pain. He licked his lips as his eyes traveling to Maye's neck, he forced her closer once more. He moved her tank top strap and before she could say anything to stop him, he sank his teeth into the vain of her neck and drank her crimson wine. Maye's vision swam, but she was acutely aware of the others moving closer in curiosity. She was also acutely aware that she was screaming, her throat growing raw. She flushed when he heard this unknown boy groan into her neck. She felt her body want to give and fall limp, but she forced all of her energy into work.

Finally, she felt the boy move away from her neck. His face was so close to hers for any comfort. Her blood dripped from his chin and onto her chest, his tongue snaked out and licked any that was on or around his lips. He growled, Maye could feel the rumble of his chest. "Mine." he mutter, it was almost inaudible. But the surrounding creatures took involuntary steps back. The he-creature placed a gentle kiss on Maye's forehead before she lost conscious.

Maye bolted up in her bed, her hand instantly found her unharmed neck. Her breaths came out in harsh pants. "W-what wa-was that?!" she asked herself in shock and frustration. She rushed to her bathroom and vomited, washing her mouth out with water. She staggered back to her bed, afraid to go back to sleep. She fell asleep with no trouble, the dream didn't return. At least not tonight.

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