VanderGroove Academy

Orphaned at thirteen, living alone at seventeen. Maye Joanne is alone, school is about to start back, she isn't getting much money from her job, but she pushes through. She does it to make her parents proud. So, when she gets an acceptance letter from the unknown school VanderGroove Academy, she has no choice. But it unnerves her, because she never sent an application. What makes it worse is the night she gets it, she has a nightmare about an unknown boy. The only recognizable thing about him is

Chapter 3

~Less Than Two Weeks~

Maye woke up the next morning, feeling oddly refreshed even though the dream she had the previous night. Something wasn't right about that dream, or the guy who had bitten her. He seemed familiar in her dream, she almost felt comforted by him. Almost, that is. If he hadn't had wings, no shirt on, or had bitten her then he would've been very comforting. The vision of his eyes still left her frightened. Those crimson eyes, the seemed to be searching through her.

Maye couldn't make any sense of the dream other than what had happened earlier that night. That guy who had burst through her door, and just...left. And VanderGroove Academy, then her laptop crashing. It was all so confusing to her. It was like someone wanted her at the school, but didn't want her to know anything about it before she got there. It unnerved her greatly.

She rose from her bed and hurried to take a quick shower. She brushed her hair out, put on a pair of sweat pants, a black tank top, and her blue windbreaker. She checked her laptop, it worked perfectly. "Great, when I don't need you." she muttered. She put it away and grabbed her wallet, "I just need to get some fresh air." she said and headed out the front door. As soon as she stepped outside a weird shiver wriggled up her spine, and her neck began to sting. She blinked hard and shook her head, everything stopped. She looked around, feeling eerily watched. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she continued to her destination. The neighborhood market.

Every step Maye took seemed to be watched, she could feel eyes on her at all times. She walked around the almost empty store, only seeing a person every few minutes. Something spiked her heart rate, a strange burning at the back of her head. She slowly turned around. Her heart went from pounding to dead still in a matter of two seconds. On the aisle two away from her was a boy flipping through a magazine. His chin length black hair falling forward, a black jacket fitted snugly over his chest. Even with it covered she knew who this was, she let out a small squeak. The boy's eyes flashed up, they flickered in a crimson excitement. Clearly happy to see her, he raised his head so she could see him more clearly. "Mine." he muttered, grinning. Flashing his lengthened canines.

Maye's eyes widened in shock, she backed up quickly. Her back hit the shelves behind her, knocking items off. She sank down till she was sitting. Her eyes unable to leave him. She clenched her eyes shut, hoping he'd be gone when she opened them. She slowly opened them... he was gone. No sign that he had been there at all, other than a magazine on the counter. Maye could hear a few people rushing towards her to help, but she was already on her feet and running towards her apartment.

Mine...Mine...Sweet Dearest It echoed through her head, his voice. Tears streamed down Maye's face as she rushed home. She slammed the door behind her, leaned against it, slid down and hugged her knees to her chest. She struggled to get her breath back. A few moments later, the mail slot next to her opened. Causing Maye to nearly jump out of her skin. A single envelope fell through, then it closed. She stared at the browned paper of the envelope, her names scribbled in cursive letters and VanderGroove Academy in the corner. Maye carefully picked it up and slowly tore it open.

Dear Maye

I'm sorry to inform you that we need you at the school sooner than we expected. We have enclosed a train ticket for you to be on the next train here, there is also a reservation at the motel short walk from the train station at 3465 Ronerway. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Headmaster James

Maye stared at the letter in disbelief as she pulled the ticket from the envelope, she sighed and got to her feet. She headed upstairs and began to pack.

Three Hours and Fifty Minutes Later

Maye had managed to pack all of her clothes, and other items like her posters and books and such in time before she needed to be at the train station. She hauled all of her things into the downstairs hall. She picked up her phone and called the closest taxi service.

Ten Minutes Later

Maye helped the taxi driver put her last trunk in the trunk. She thanked him as he helped her into the backseat. She pulled out her cd player, since she never upgraded or could afford to, and listened to the calm music of someone playing the cello. She allowed herself to rest her eyes, but not sleep. She didn't trust herself to sleep. She gasped when the car jerked to a halt, "We're here." the driver said. Maye pulled out her earbuds and put her cd player in her bag. She helped the driver load her stuff onto a trolley. She paid him what he owed him and pushed her way to the ticket taker, who had a young man help her put her stuff on the train.

Maye looked at the young man that was to help her, he was around her age. His name tag read: Joey. There was something off about him, when he looked her in the eyes to wish her well on her way his eyes weren't right. He had no pupils, his eyes were completely gold. But when she blinked, his eyes were normal. She gave him a tip and boarded the train taking her seat, right next to the window. She waited for the train to start moving so she could relax.

When the train started moving, Maye felt something pulling her attention to the window. She looked out as they passed the street, and everything seemed to slow to a snail's pace. He was there, in the middle of the street, his hands in his pockets. Crimson Eyes. They locked with her's. When he noticed her looking, he grinned, and he waved to her. Maye blinked and... he was gone. Everything was moving right again. It was like he wasn't there at all, it was like she imagined it. But her mind was telling her that she hadn't imagined, that he had been there. She took a deep breath, blaming everything on the movie she watched last night and the guy who knocked on her door and accidentally knocked it open.

Maye closed her eyes, trying to forget it. She put her hands on her knees and gripped them, trying to calm herself. Sweet Dearest. Maye gasped and looked at the woman next to her, "Excuse me?" she said. "Sorry to startle you dearie, I just asked it you wanted anything to eat." she said. Maye shook her head and the attendant left. Maye tried once more to calm herself. This is going to be a long trip. she thought with a sigh.

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