VanderGroove Academy

Orphaned at thirteen, living alone at seventeen. Maye Joanne is alone, school is about to start back, she isn't getting much money from her job, but she pushes through. She does it to make her parents proud. So, when she gets an acceptance letter from the unknown school VanderGroove Academy, she has no choice. But it unnerves her, because she never sent an application. What makes it worse is the night she gets it, she has a nightmare about an unknown boy. The only recognizable thing about him is

Chapter 4

~My Dearest Escort~

Maye stood in the lobby of the small, but nice, motel. She was waiting for the manager to fetch her key. She tapped her foot on the floor, trying to stay patient. She just wanted to go to her room and sleep without the fear of screaming in her sleep and someone seeing her. Finally the manager came back from his office with the key.

"Thank you." Maye said as she started to walk away.

"Oh, miss? Say here that the reservation was made by Janice James, any chance you goin' to VanderGroove?" he asked, a curious glint in his eyes. Maye turned back to him, "Why, yes, I am. I'm being picked up tommorow to be taken there." she said as nicely as she could. She never liked making someone angry, unless they were being rude to her. She'd be rude right back. "You be careful there, miss, some pretty nasty stories up there." he said and wiped the counter. His left eye squinted, something Maye didn't notice earlier, had a scar over it. She walked back over to him, "Like what?" she asked. "They say there are some groups of boys that go out to a lake behind the school and swim in it. But before they do that, they drain the blood of virgin girl. Some rumors of vampires and ghosts up there. I'm not one for superstition, but these stories seem legit." he said, his voice sounding gruff. Maye blinked and resisted the urge to roll her eyes, though, the story made her mind flashback to her dream. "But, vampires aren't real." she said, slightly shaking her head. "Have you ever seen one?" he asked, Maye shook her head again. "Then how do you know they're not out there." he said, narrowing his right eye. Maye blinked hard for a moment, before turning around and walking away. She knew he wouldn't mind, so she went to her room.

The room itself was small, but clean. One bed, a tv, a dresser, a closet, and a bathroom. Everything she'd need for the night. She sighed and put all of her suitcases at the foot of the bed, feeling the need to bathe. She pulled her towel from her overnight bag, since she didn't trust motel towels, no matter how nice they were. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, she looked exhausted. She felt exhausted, something wasn't right in her mind. She felt like something was stopping her from understanding everything. Like someone was holding a veil over her eyes and telling her what she was seeing and was leaving out everything that was strange and unusual. Maye sighed and turned the water on, feeling the need to soak in the tub. She listened to the water as she stripped down, she put in some of the complementary bubble bath and got in. She let out a relieved sigh as she relaxed into the water. She rested her eyes, hoping to banish all bad thoughts and feelings.

Maye was in for about half an hour now and she felt like the water was getting...sticky? She hadn't opened her eyes, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to. She carefully opened her eyes to squints, making everything kind of blurry. The water seemed colder and like it was sticking to her skin. She opened her eyes completely, the lights were off. She didn't remember turning them off. But she remembered there was a cord near the tub if she needed to turn the light on or off. She reached for it blindly. Her hand closed around it and she pulled it. The light flickered on and she looked back at the water. Maye went rigid. The water was thick, dark, and red. She pulled her hand from the water, watching it thin and become redder. It wasn't was blood. She could feel herself shiver, making the water ripple. Something bobbed up in the crimson fluid, and it floated towards Maye. She didn't know why, but she reached for it. When she pulled it out she realized it was a rose. A black rose. She grabbed the stem to get a better look at it, but when she did a torn cut her. She gasped and yanked her hand away, but not before a drop of blood coated the thorn. The petals on the flower rippled, folded in on each other, and exploded out. Maye shrieked in shock as the petal flew everywhere, leaving a piece of paper. She looked at it briefly, then hesitantly pick it off the stem. She gasped when the stem turned to ash. The paper was like a folded note one would get in class. She opened it and it read:

Look at me,
Sweet Dearest~

Confused as to what it meant, she looked up and towards the door. She froze dead solid.

There he was, leaning against the door frame. His dark bangs only barely concealing his glowing red eyes. Maye's arms instinctively came to cover her chest. He let out a low chuckle, grinning as he did so. Revealing his dangerous teeth. His grin faded to a knowing smirk. He approached her, making her gasp and start to panic. She could see him clearly now, and it terrified her. He put his hand in the water, near her feet. Her knees buckled slightly. She resisted screaming, knowing it was probably a bad idea. His hand came back up, he was holding the drain plug. The water began to drain, much to Maye's horror. Then something came into her mind, why hadn't she simply gotten out when she realized her water wasn't water anymore. She watch helplessly as the water drained past her arms, which were defensively cover her chest. She gasped as something clung to her skin, instead of it feeling wet and sticky, it felt very much dry and She blinked in confusion, realizing it was a silk robe. How... she thought to herself.

The water, now completely drained, had left her in a red silk robe. How was it possible? She felt a hand on her forearm, making her jump and look at the mysterious crimson eyed boy that she had all but forgotten. He gripped her arm and forced her to stand in the tub, he had surprisingly done it gently. He put his mouth next to her ear, making her flush. "It's rude to watch a lady in her most vulnerable state." he whispered. She jumped when he placed a gentle kiss right behind her ear. Maye pushed him away from her, when she could see his eyes again they seemed cruel. Not like the first time she had seen them, he opened his mouth and hissed at her. All of his teeth were long and pointed, they were even serrated. Two wings erupted from his back and a tail snaked out from his trousers. His shirt was torn and fell off of his chest, revealing his nearly bare chest, save a few bad looking scars. This wasn't the same guy. A long forked tongue snaked between his lips and licked them. "/Sweet Darling/." he murmured. He leaned back on his knees, crouching. Maye felt the urge to run, the other boy she had seen had been comforting, almost nice it seemed. This boy, although the near mirror image of the other, seemed cruel, sadistic, and lustful.

Maye threw herself to the left as he pounce, crashing into the wall and cracking. Maye jumped out of the tub and ran out the door. When she got to her front door she flung it open and ran out, hearing him follow.

Sweet Darling
Sweet Dearest

Two different voices, they sounded similar, but the tone was surely different. Whoever was calling her Dearest said it lovingly, whoever was calling her Darling said it lustfully.

Maye kept running, hearing twin footsteps following her. Sweet Dearest. Sweet Darling. Maye kept running, these voices in her head. They were haunting. She stopped to catch her breath, she looked around. She was in the middle of a night. "Well, this is great." she muttered. "Sure is," a voice said above her. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she looked up to a thick branch on the tree directly above her. A boy laid on it. Even in the dark, she could see what he looked like. He sat up and jumped from the branch and next to her, stretching once he touched down. "Well, Sweet Cutie, what's such a cute girl doing out at this hour when the monsters could get her?" he asked. Maye stared at him, not quite sure if he actually spoke to her. She focused on his hair, the upper half was jet black, but it faded to gray as it went down, it was white at the very bottom, and it had streaks of bright red in it. Next she looked at his ears, which were badly torn at the very top, and looked slightly burned. Then her eyes settled on his eyes. They were a silver color, slightly grey. They reminded her of coal, well... if coal glittered. She looked at his lips, which had to piercings on his bottom lip in the left corner. He was wearing a white blazer, under that was a red muscle shirt with patches of white, loose and cut up jeans, and... no shoes. Maye's eyes were drawn back to his shirt, as she looked closer she realized it was wet. Her eyes darted back to his lips which were tinted pink, something she had dismissed. He leaned forward and flicked her nose, she gasped. "Are you going to answer my question, Sweet Cutie?" he asked, then the stench hit her. The stench of death. She turned and ran as fast as she could away from him. Then three voices followed her

Sweet Dearest
Sweet Darling
Sweet Cutie

The three boys chased after her, the boy who called her Cutie said it longingly. Maye felt as though her heart was going to burst. She ran past a thick tree, and an arm darted out and caught her arm. Before she could scream, someone covered her mouth. She came eye to eye with the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. "Calm down, Sweet Flower." he said calmly and released her mouth. He was different, his hair was a dark green color, his eyes a (gorgeous) shade of light blue. She flushed when she realized all he was wearing was a cloth around his waist and how close he held her. He, as if noticing what was troubling her, took a step back. "/Sweet Flower/?" he asked quietly. Something caused her to panic, and it was him. He had called her Sweet Flower. Sweet. She whimpered, even though nothing but comfort came from this boy. She once again ran.

Sweet Dearest
Sweet Darling
Sweet Cutie
Sweet Flower

Maye wanted nothing more than to cry, she didn't understand this. She kept running, hearing them follow. She heard something then and a fast, slightly blurred imaged started running through her mind. She couldn't make any sense out of any of it. Soon she looked straight ahead and skidded to a stop when four shadowed figures stopped in front of her, she gasped as they each grabbed hold of her. She screamed.

Maye let out a scream as she sat up straight in the tub. She panted and looked at the slightly soapy water, the clean room, no blood. She got up and dried off, dressing into purple sweatpants, white tanktop, and before she went to bed she opened her door to make sure she was still in a motel. She couldn't believe she fell asleep in the tub, and had another nightmare. She eased into the soft bed, ready to sleep, yet feared having another nightmare. She thought back a moment, realizing she remembered nothing in the dream but four things. Four nicknames. It scared her greatly. She sighed, thinking that these nightmares were caused by something deep in her mind. Something she'd forgotten and her subconscious was trying to remind her. Maybe these boys were in a story her mother told her, or a movie she'd watched with her father. Or boys that had bullied her little brother. At the thought of her deceased family she sat up and grabbed her overnight bag, which was in front of the nightstand, and fished out her old family photo album. She flipped through the pages to a photo of her, her younger brother Nathan, her mother Beatrice, and her father Maximis.

Maye was thirteen in the photo, Nathan was twelve, both her parents were in their early thirties. She bit her lip as she looked at the picture. She flipped back a couple pages and laughed a little as tears began to flow down her face. She remembered the day this picture had been taken. It had been spirit week at their school, and that day all the girls had to dress up as boys and all the boys had to dress up as girls. It was fun. Maye remembered having to defend her brother because some of the guys who hadn't dressed up picked on him because he was in a dress and had a wig on. She even pushed one of them, but all three that had been in the group flinched and ran off. She and her brother had been very close. It was almost as they were sister and sister, or brother and brother. You get the point. They told each other everything, they defended each other, they loved each other. Maye sighed looking at the photo. She flipped through the pages and looked at several different photos of her and her family. She missed them terribly. Life was hard without them, but she managed to pull through. Maye sighed once more, it was followed by a yawn. She placed the book on the bed and held it, it being the closest thing she had of her family. She yawned once more before slowly closing her eyes.

Knock Knock

Maye jumped a bit, sitting up. She rubbed her eyes as she stood up out of bed. The person knocked on the door again. She walked over and opened it, it was the manager. "Morning miss, I was just here to give you yer' wake up call." he said, his left eye still squint. Maye covered her mouth and yawned, "I didn't order a wake up call." she said. "Ms.Janice James set one for ya' said that the person comin' to escort ya' to tha' school." he said. Maye yawned again, "Oh, okay, thank you." she said. He gave a small nod before walking away. Maye closed the door and walked into the bathroom, deciding it best to take a shower. She changed into a baby blue tank top, a orange vest, black leggings, denim shorts over them, and black pink step ins. She wanted anyone at that school to see what she really was, different. Right as she walked out of the bathroom, the door gave a soft:

Knock Knock

Like whoever was knocking didn't want to disturb her. Maye quickly put her dirty clothes in her overnight bag and carefully put her photo album in. She adjusted her clothes before walking over to the door and opening it, "Hello?" As soon as she opened it, the urge to slam it shut and lock it became near undeniable. She wanted to slam it and find a way out. Because...he was standing there... looking at her with his...

Crimson Eyes.

Up Next: ~Brick By Brick, The Blood Was Shed~

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