I Think I Might Delete And Group Story Info (Please Read)

Chapter 1

I'm On The Erge of...


Look...If I Am In a Group Story With You. I Am Not Part of It Anymore...Please Go Without Me! My Character Died, Okay?

The Group Stories I Have made.

Here are a Few That Are Gone, I'm Not Going To Delete Them. But Their Dis-Continued. Heres Why.

Our True Spirits ~ Took Too Long For Writers To Write
Trapped In a Dremiha Dream ~ Not Into It.
My Ouran High School Host Club Fan-fic ~ Took WAY Too Long For Writers To Write.

And, These are The Ones That Are Going To Be Continued.

The 4 Elements (Don't Worry I'll Write ASAP)
My Adventure Time Fan-Fic (WILL WRITE ASAP)
Letters of Memories (WILL WRITE ASAP)

And Deleting...
Well...Quibblo Is Just Not Fun Anymore!
Nothing Is happening, The Quibbies Got Me Quite Fueled. But The Judges Haven't Been So Much On.

The Quibblo Hunger Games is the only Interesting Thing That Is Going on For Me!

And My Grades are Dropping. 7th Grade Counts For High school and College!

So Yeah. I Might Delete.


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