The Magic in Dying Embers

This is a group story between NiallsWifey, epicsnicker, Beingdauntless, and me. Hope you enjoy and please rate and comment! Thank You! :D

Chapter 1


-Sion Davis
-Underwater breathing
-The Loch Ness Monster
-Loud and Scottish, tends to accidentally hurt people because he doesn't know his own strength
-Curly dirty blonde hair, muscled build, bright blue eyes, and he's 6'2

Name: Dyllan Michets
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Power: Storm bending
Mythical creature you're linked to: Thunderbird
Personality: Adventurous, curious, brave, fighter, risk taker, occasionally shy, takes a lot to get him mad but when he is watch out, witty, clever, dangerous
Appearance: Bronze tan, dark brown hair with black gelled up to the right, athletic build, brown eyes that have flecks of gold everywhere in them ( sometimes appearing golden), 5'8
Other: Street fighter

Name: Dani Polet
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: She can magically heal people
Mythical Creature: Will-o'-the-wisp
Personality: Kind-hearted, stubborn, smart, bookworm, curious, always has her head in the clouds, and a writer.
Appearance: Bright red hair with a rainbow streak, bright misty blue eyes, light colored skin, 5'5", long, thin fingers, very thin, and very small feet which is good for climbing trees.
Other: Likes to climb trees, love writing,and lives with her older brother Alec.

Name: Dawn Williams
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: Telekinesis
Mythical creature you're linked to: Dragon
Personality: Fearless. Impulsive. Brave. Reckless. Clumsy. Strong willed. quick-tempered.
Appearance: Steel blue eyes. Coppery mid-back hair. Fair skin. Average height. Agile build
Other: Has no family. Lives with foster family she hates.
My name is Dawn and I was just a normal 15 year old delinquent orphan. That was until the cloaked man showed me the other side of our world. The magical side. I knew no one when I switched foster homes from Bar Harbor Maine to LA. You must be confused so let me take you to the day I met Dani, Dyllan, and Sion.

I couldn't see any other way out of this mess. So I did the natural thing, I made it worse.

A linebacker, the quarterback, and a running back from the football team had cornered me in an ally on my way from school. They surrounded me.

"You should die freak" The quarterback sneered.

"No one would care" The running back added.

"Like no one would care that your gay" I retorted.

The quarterback roared and lunged at me. I thrust out my hands and suddenly he slammed into the opposite wall. I looked around wide eyed. Did I really just do that?

"FREAK!" The guys screamed. They grabbed their friend and ran away.

I looked around the ally again but I couldn't see anyone or anything that could have caused that. I looked down at my hands they looked normal. How did that happen?

"You, child. You have exquisite powers." I glanced around to see a man. He was wearing a cloak and the hood hid his face in shadows. I blinked and suddenly he was gone.

I shook my head and exited the ally. I started walking to my house when I got the feeling I was being watched. I glanced around and saw three teenagers following me. I stopped and waited for them to catch up.

"Who are you?" I growled.

"Forget that! Who are YOU?" The girl exclaimed.

"Dawn" I replied "Now why are you following me?"

"Your hands" The shorter guy said as if that was enough.

I looked at my hands and saw they were glowing faintly with a dark blue light. I looked up at these people and saw that the girl was glowing with a faint golden light. the shorter guy was glowing with a light blue light and the taller guy was glowing with a faint green light.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us" The tall guy said.

"Who are you guys?" I asked again.

"I'm Dani" the girl said.

"Sion" The tall guy grunted.

"Dyllan" The short guy said.

"Do you guys know the cloaked man?"

"He came to each of us and said we have special powers" Dyllan replied.

Anger flared inside me. Great just great! Now I'm even more of a freak!

"This is just great!" I grumbled.

"Its not that bad" Dani shrugged.

"Have you called on your creature yet?" Sion asked.

"Creature?" I asked. "What creature?"

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