A tale of two rodents

This is a story of pokemon. For those of you who like pokemon, keep reading, for those who don't, shame -.- This is a fanfic of pikachu and parchirisu who both like each other a lot. They are both adorable electric rodent pokemon. Chain story so keep adding from chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Pika Pika!

It was a beautiful sunny day. Calm lakes were flowing, chatot and jigglypuff were singing, pichu were playing. All seemed content in the world. I was sitting on a soft green meadow, with a couple of sweet poffins. Not only are they delicious, but they boost my cuteness as well.
All of a sudden, I heard a loud "PIKAAAA!" I looked around, and saw a young pikachu in the river! Like I said, it is mostly calm and peaceful, but there were a few rapids here and there. And the young pikachu was caught in a rapid! I looked around for something, anything to help the defenseless Pikachu, but there were no buizel around. I was desperate, but the pikachu was running out of time. HE was heading straight for a waterfall! I realized I had to take matters into my own tiny paws. I threw my fluffy tail into the river. "PARCHIRISU!" ("Hold on!") The pikachu grabbed a hold of my tail, and i pulled him in, just in the nick of time. He was safe. He lay almost motionless on the grass, panting hard. "Parch?" ("Are you okay?") I saw i still had one poffin left, and i offered it to the injured pikachu. He was healing, but he was exhausted so i let him sleep on my tail. This was how I first met Pikachu.


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