KIDS THESE DAYS.... (rant)

Chapter 1


I've been witnessing this lately, especially because it's Christmas time. Kids these days do not know how to behave. Yeah, I haven't grown and I'm still a kid but seriously, kids think it's totally fine to do anything they want. Parents don't know how to raise their children and then they wonder why they're getting terrible grades and goes to jail in the future. STORY TIME!: I was once in a restaurant it was really empty since it was early in the morning. These two little kids were literally climbing onto the top of the booths and jumping to each one of them. The mom was just watching them, smiling. The waiter had to force the mom to tell her kids to stop. I can't trust humanity anymore. What are we turning into? If you're gonna have kids, TAKE CARE OF THEM. If I were their mother, I would have totally spanked them in front of everyone and I wouldn't care. My family said as a baby, I was very calm and laidback. I actually rarely played with other kids and I always hated when my other cousins that are the same age as me came and made me play with them. I would never do something that disrespectful nor would I want my children to do that.

Another thing about annoying kids and their stupid parents. Parents are SOMEHOW allowing kids to have boyfriends and girlfriends and piercings and dying their hair. NO NO NO NO THATS NOT GOOD. I could see if they were teens that just want to rebel but they're not. These kids are in elementary and middle school which is WAY to young to be doing all of this. A girl I used to be friends with had her first kiss in PRESCHOOL. Another in 1ST GRADE. There's another kid I've seen in middle school with pink boy cut hair, a nose piercing and two ear piercings. She's in 6th grade and her peers think it's normal so she must of had this for awhile. I knew a popular couple in 4th grade. I saw them making out which was just plain disgusting, especially since we're at school and we're young. We all know what comes after that and they haven't even hit puberty yet. These girls are stripping (not really, but they you can see a lot of uh stuff) and I wonder how they are allowed to leave their house. I know my family with pin down the door unless I look decent.

Anyways, leave a comment on what you think about this topic and if you want more rants.


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