Life of a Wolf

Life of a Wolf

As her paws hit the earth, she could feel herself getting weaker and weaker. She put her head down, and closed her eyes, welcoming the darkness into her body and mind.

Chapter 1


by: remygurl
"Come on! Wake up!" Kye heard her brother say, "It's time to go outside!"

"Wait a second!" Kye snapped, baring her tiny yet sharp puppy teeth. The small wolf in front of her stuck out his tongue and trotted away, out of the den, allowing the sunlight to hit Kye in the face.

"Koda! That is not how you treat your sister." Said a larger, familiar wolf, "Go apologize this instant, and sit in your nest until I tell you that you can come out." As Koda dragged himself back inside the den, he grumbled, "Sorry, Kye. I won't do it again."

"Ha ha!" Kye giggled, "You got in trouble! You got in trouble!" She continued, prancing around her big brother.

"I'll send you to your nest too, Kye, if you don't stop teasing your brother." Said the large wolf.

"Yes, momma. I won't tease him again." Said Kye, sticking her tongue out at Koda.

"Yeah, Kye. Stop teasing me." Said Koda, smirking.

Kye walked out of the large den and sat beneath her mother. She leaned into her, taking in her sweet scent, "Momma?" Kye asked, "Why do you smell so familiar, and all the other wolves... Don't?" Kye looked up, staring into her mother's eyes, admiring the pretty blue color.

"Because... I'm your mother. That's why. Even before you could see, you could smell and hear. That's why I seem so familiar." Replied the wolf, hesitant at first, "you see--" Kye's mother stopped and looked up, twitching her nose.

"Whats wrong, momma?" Kye asked, her eyes wide, for she could smell the horrible scent in the air, too, "Should I get Koda?"

"Y-yes. Go get Koda." Said Kye's mother, looking frightened.

"Koda!" Kye yelled, "Mom wants you! It's important!" She said, glancing at the sky. It looks normal to me, but what is that disgusting stench? she thought, waiting for her brother. As soon as Koda set paw outside of the den, a ground shaking boom was heard, and dark smoke rose up to the blue sky.

"Kye, Koda! Run! Get out of the camp, and run away from that noise!" Yelped the tall figure, "I'll evacuate everyone, don't worry."

Koda froze and Kye fell, not hearing their mother's words until a few heartbeats later. Kye gulped and stood up shakily, nudging Koda. Her brother turned tail and ran, jumping through the bramble Barrier of the camp. Kye followed in his exact pawsteps.

"Wait! Wait for me!" She called, running faster. Koda slowed a little and soon they were running side by side, dodging every fallen tree and rock, looking as if they had done this a million times. Another loud crack came from behind them, in the distance. Kye looked back and saw the pack rushing behind her and her brother, looking as if they had saw a bear.

"Run!" She heard a wolf say, "Run as fast as you can!"

Kye distinguished this voice as her mothers, but kept running. She was following her mother's order's, after all.

"I... Can't..." Said Koda, his pawsteps getting heavy. A wolf from the stampede of canines picked him up in her mouth, and kept on running, running away from the loud boom, the smoke, and the camp.

"Fire!" Yelled a wolf.

"Flames!" Yelped another.

"Run faster!" Kye heard her mother pant.

Kye tripped over the fallen tree in front of her and stumbled over the rocky ground. As her paws hits the earth, she could feel herself getting weaker and weaker. She put her head down and closed her eyes, welcoming the darkness into her body and mind. Kye tripped and slid under a stone, not moving. None of the wolves passing her had seen her, and she was left behind.

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